2017 Liquid Force WOW Kite

Not just a Wave Kite Anymore!


2017 Liquid Force WOW Kite

The New Liquid Force Wow is our most popular “Wave Specific” kite and All Terrain kite, made for all levels of kiters. Its construction and materials are unsurpassed. Its performance is just what every kiter wants. Easy to fly, Easy to grow into, Easy to learn tricks with, and Easy on your pocket book, plus the Wow is built surf tough.  We suggest you match it up with the New 2017 Mission Control bar and LF kite pump, shown below.

Manta Water Sports says, “Get the Wow and be WOW’d

It’s the 2 year anniversary for the “WOW and its hard to improve on such an amazing kite. The Wow has a new following, everyday riders and foil boarders. The Wow is know for its great performance in the surf, but it does what other surf kites don’t do … it jumps really well and it excels in sport level Foil boarding. The WOW is the anchor of the LF Surf Kiteline highlighted by versatility and ease of use from the beginner to the pro rider and now its loved by everyone.

Take your kiteboard lessons with Manta Water Sports , then buy your new Wow kite, get out there and see why its named, WOW!

NOTE: The Wow kite is sold as kite only (Kite w/ Bag).    If you need a MISSION CONTROL BAR and a LF KITE PUMP , please select those items from below and add them to your shopping cart.

Free ground shipping to 48 states on new Wow kites.

WOW Sizes:  5  / 6 / 7  / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12 / 14 m

Wow Kite prices Starting at    $950

WOW Kite only sizes




2017 Liquid Force Mission Control Bar

The one Control Bar to fly them ALL is called the Mission Control Bar.  This bar is so well designed, your friends will want to borrow it for their kite.  The Mission Bar is simply Beautiful, in Design and Performance.


NEW for 2017 is the Liquid Force Mission Control Bar. Designed with extensive engineering and pure function in mind, the Mission Control Bar is at the heart of your kiteboarding experience. A control bar is one of the few tactile and highly interactive components in your gear box. With this in mind we have examined and engineered every part and function incorporated into the bar to meet the highest standards of safety, performance and quality. Via rigorous lab and field testing we are not only confident in the MC system, but proud to offer you the best kite to rider connection available.

The Mission Control bar utilizes a molded technology that reduces weight and unnecessary parts along with adding strength. The minimal design has exactly what you need and nothing more, making for an intuitive and easy to use system.

Free ground shipping to 48 states on new Mission Control Bars.

2017 LF Mission Control 4 line bar is sold with 23m line set and kite leash.   Only: $525.00




2017 Liquid Force Kite Pump

The worlds best Kite Pumps to inflate your kiteboarding kites.  4 models to choose from. Sold with pump, leash, hose w/ max flow and standard valve fitting.

Pump sizes:  2L Orange / 2L Blue / 2L Yellow / 3L Red

LF Kite pumps prices starting at … $50

Select pump size & model

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