WOO Kite Jump Tracker

Track your jump height & hang time


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It is the #1 Kite Jump Tracking Device in the world.

  •      Ever wonder how high you are really jumping?
  •      See how long you’ve been in the air,when jumping?
  •      Want to see if you’re jumping higher than your friends?
  •      See who’s jumping the highest and longest in your area, or the world?
  •      Want to create a local tournament on a given day or week or month?

Then get your WOO today.

Manta Water Sports is San Diego’s WOO Dealer, and we have them in stock ready to pick up and use.

Let’s see how high and long you can go … Track it with the WOO.

Compatible with IOS and Android devices. Includes: Tracker, Charger, Board mounts and Free WOO app.



Get your WOO today … Only $199

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