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Kite & Scuba Dive in Cozumel, Mexico

January  14th -21st , 2017Cozumel Island:

Manta Water Sports is going to vacation in Cozumel

January 14-21st , 2017  for a fun filled Kite and Dive Vacation.

Hey, why vacation with us. Come share the joy of kiteboarding and scuba diving, on this fun filled tropic island.  Do your own thing or hang with us.  You must be an intermediate level kiteboarder, or you can take lessons initial lessons from us, and then take more lessons from the local kite school in Cozumel.   If you want to scuba dive, you must have your Open Water Diver Certification, or complete a “Resort Diver Course”, available through our Cozumel dive operator, before participating in any scuba dives.

Our general plan, is to scuba dive in the mornings, and kiteboard in the afternoon.  We will be very spontaneous, and living on island time.  More fun and less stress, is our goal.

This is not a guided vacation, its just an invite to vacation along with us, if you like, and see what Cozumel has to offer.  Of course you will be paying you own expenses, and booking your own vacation related, flights, transfers, lodging, meals and all other vacation related activities, and you will be doing so, at your own risk.

I will let you know what hotel we are staying at, and which scuba diving operator we will be diving with, in case you want to book your trip to those facilitators. We will also let you know what beach/s we plan to kite from each day. Friends hanging with Friends.

Air temperature in January is typically between 68-82F in the day, and 60-72F at night.  Water temperature averages 78-82 F.  Wind speeds average 8-22 mph in the pm , but they can occasionally get as high a 30mph.

I suggest kite sizes from 8m-14m and a twin tip or directional board to ride.  I am bringing my own scuba gear, but you can rent scuba gear there if you want. I also suggest bringing some surf booties for kiting from shore, there is coral and rock at several beaches.

If you need to purchase kiteboarding gear for the trip … please contact me asap, and I will offer you the student discount on all gear item we sell.  (Kites / Boards / Travel Bags / Split Kiteboards /Ect.)

We will be kiteboarding from shore without any form of safety boat or life-support.  We will be scuba diving with a licensed Scuba operation and dive master, based on the island.  You must book and pay for your own diving and other travel related expenses.  All scuba diving, kiteboard, snorkeling, and other activities ae done at your own risk.

We are not responsible for your safety or the safety of others around you, before, during, or after, your trip to Cozumel.  Please make good choices for yourself … travelers insurance might be a good thing to check into.

If you want to scuba dive, but, you’re not a certified scuba diver … you can book a “resort lesson” through the dive shop. Completion of that, should qualify to scuba dive with the dive master, or just plan on enjoying other activities while we are diving.

Equipment Deals …  for anyone going on a kite vacation … call us today:

We plan to be there for  6 days/nights, leaving from San Diego. Our vacation package is costing us between $1200-$1800 pp, and it includes airfare and 5 nights in an “all inclusive” hotel.  Car rental is costing us around $30/per day, including insurance.  The Scuba diving cost is approx $75 per person, for a 2 tank boat trip, providing you have your own scuba gear.  The dive operators provide takes and weights during the dives. A 10% tip to the dive master is customary if you enjoyed the dives each day.

For more info, Call : 858-610-6000