Kiteboard Gear Rentals

Manta Rents Kiteboards and Harnesses

Kiteboard Gear Rentals 

Manta Wind & Water Sports is now offering Kiteboard and Harness rentals.

Whether you’re traveling to SanDiego for kiteboarding and want to leave your kiteboard and harness at home, or you’re in the market for a new kiteboard, and like to try before you buy … We have the gear for you!

Sorry, we don’t rent kites … so reserve a private kiteboard lesson, and use our gear to ride.

 Call us to reserve gear, for next day pick up: 858-610-6000 

  •     Rent for as little as 2hrs.
  •     High performance and high quality boards.
  •     Adjustable footstraps provided w/ twin-tip boards.
  •     Centrally located for convenient pick up.
  •     Major credit cards accepted.
  •     Must be 18 years +, with a valid ID, and major credit card for deposit.


KiteBoards for Rent:

Look through the items listed below, and choose the board that fits your needs.  Then call us to reserve your board and we’ll have it  ready for you to ride when you pick it up.


High Performance: Twin-Tip Kiteboard

2017 Liquid Force Legacy 139cm performance twin tip

$60 for 2hrs / $80 for 24hrs 




Light Wind:  Twin-Tip Kiteboard

Liquid Force OVERDRIVE 148cme Light wind twin tip

$60 for 2hrs / $80 for 24hrs




Directional Kiteboard:  KiteFish

KiteFish kiteboard Rental Rates:   

$40 for 2hrs   /  $80 for 24hrs

This is the 2014 KiteFish Kiteboard without Straps.  This is the ultimate fun directional board.

It performs extremely well in flat water and light wind conditions. Its also a pleasure to ride in and carve up the waves.

The  SurfFish outline and width make this board a dream to ride in flat water, light winds and San Diego surf.

Flatter rocker makes this board ride extremely well in light winds and cook upwind better … it keeps the smile on your face.

going strapless offers the freedom and challenge that intermediate to expert level riders crave.

Great for beginners to ride in light winds, all the way to experts doing strapless , unhooked wave riding.




Hydro Foil board:  Happy Foil

Hydrofoil Kitefish  Rental Rates:

$90 for 2hrs / $150 for 24hrs 

This is the ultimate board for light wind, extreme fun and super upwind riding.

The Foil is the newest craze in kiteboarding. It performs extremely well in all conditions. Best for intermediate level kiters and up.  Its so much fun to ride this foil. You can even launch into the air on flat water or waves. Ride upwind better than everyone.  If you are learning to foil, request the low aspect wing for learning.


Harnesses for Rent:

Waist Harness Rentals: 









$15 for 2hrs /  $30 for 24hrs



Kite Rentals ?  … Sorry, we don’t rent kites

Manta does not rent kites, we can sell you a kite, or you can reserve and take a private kiteboarding lesson and use our gear in the lesson.

Better yet … Purchase one of the new Travel Kites we offer.  Be independent and never miss out on a riding session when you travel. Take these super light travel kites with you when ever and where ever you travel. It’s common knowledge that kite rentals are not available … Not a problem when you have a Solo or Trip kite.

solo        2015 Trip

The 2016 Liquid Force Solo kite comes in the 9m or 12m size is ideal for riding in most areas of the world and they pack up really small. Best of all, the Solo is a great kite for beginners to advanced level riders.

The 2016 Naish Trip comes in 8m, 10m, or 12m size … the Trip the smallest packing kite available, and its ideal for intermediate to advanced riders.

Prices Start at: $960

Note: Additional terms and conditions are listed on the rental  forms.