Kiteboard Trainer Kites

These Trainer Kites are the Perfect Gift ... to get you started as a Kiteboarder!


Liquid Force 3m Trainer kite

What is a Trainer kite used for?   Trainer kites help develop basic steering skills and power flying patterns used to kiteboard.  Although Trainer kites are not a required prerequisite to lessons, they do allow new students to build basic skills and confidence on their own, before and after their kiteboard lesson. It is important to purchase a high quality trainer kite, if you want the performance, durability and power needed to prepare you for this sport.  If you plan on purchasing a kiteboard lesson gift certificate … a 3m trainer kite is a perfect compliment to that gift.We suggest the 3 meter and 3.5 meter size trainer kite as the ideal size for effective training and years of flying fun.

Note: These quality products with optimum performance. They are NOT toys!  All  flights should be performed in open spaces, away from people and hazards.  Initial flights should be performed in winds less than 10mph if possible. These kites are intended for use in light to moderate wind speeds only. Not recommended for smaller children. Colors may vary from image shown.   These kites are already assembled, just unpack them and they are ready to fly. If you have questions on how to fly them and/or what skills to practice, please feel free to call us.  They are easy to launch and most people get them hang of how to control them within minutes. They can perform all kinds of stunt maneuvers in the sky and they can pull like a horse when you get them moving. The Liquid Force Trainer kites patented, 2 line, design enables easy relaunch after a crash. You won’t outgrow the fun and challenge these kites offer when the wind is blowing. Go ahead, Buy a  Trainer kite Today !

Liquid Force 3 meter Trainer kite (2 line) … $199 

Liquid Force 3m Trainer kite


Pro Model HQ Rush V    3 line Trainer Kite

What is a 3 line Trainer kite?  This 3 line trainer kite is a breeze to fly for beginners to experts. 3 line trainers have an added advantage to entry level kite flyers.  The addition of the 3rd line and rear kite bridle system allow the kite to re-lauch easily from crashes and falls. The 3rd line system offers added safety options in stronger wind conditions. We carry these kites in 2 of the most popular sizes:  3 meter for most people and lower budget, and the  3.5 meter size for those larger people or power seekers.  All our Kites come complete and ready to fly with: Kite, Travel bag, Control bar, Safety leash. *Recommended for age 16 and up.

3m Rush V Pro – 3 line kite complete … $246.00

3.5m Rush V Pro – 3 line kite complete … $275.00

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