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 Who needs a Twin Tip Kiteboard ? 

Why should you choose a TwinTip kiteboard?

  •     Because TwinTips are light and easy to ride for beginners or experts.
  •     They are the only kite board that can change direction as fast as your kite.
  •     TwinTips can take off, ride, jump and land in any direction.
  •     TwinTips are the ideal for riding upwind, jumping, and unhooked tricks.
  •     TwinTips are the most durable boards and they easily pack for travel.


Liquid Force Kiteboards

2017 Carbon Element kiteboard

The Liquid Force Carbon Element twin tip kiteboard is for aggressive riders who want the lightest and highest performance freestyle & free ride kiteboard available.

Carbon Element board sizes:  136 / 139 / cm board only … $699

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2017 Over Drive Kiteboard  

The Liquid Force Over Drive kiteboard is a great Light Wind Twin Tip kiteboard for medium to large riders.

Over Drive board sizes:  / 142 /148 / cm kiteboard only …. $459

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2016 Echo Kiteboard – Close Out

The Liquid Force Echo is the pefect twin tip kiteboard for beginner to expert level riders who want a very durable yet easy to ride board that is made to handle all the aggressive riding that you can throw at it.  Great looks and great performance in a fun shape and flex to fit everyone.

Echo board sizes: / 135 / 137 / 141 /cm  kiteboard only … $349

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2016 Legacy Kiteboard – Close Out

The Liquid Force Legacy twin tip kiteboard is the highest end free ride board with incredible performance in all conditions, yet easy for beginners to ride and grow into … if you get only one board … get the Legacy.

Legacy board sizes:  /135 / 139 / 143 /cm board only …  $359

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2017 Aloha Kiteboard

The Aloha is the best female rider specific board available from Liquid Force.  Great looks and incredible performance for all riders:  beginner to expert level.

Aloha kiteboard sizes:  135cm,  board only … $479

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 Cabrinha Kiteboards

2017 Ace Kiteboard

The Cabrinah ACE twin tip kiteboard is the high performance freestyle kiteboard that excels in most all conditions. Great for beginners all the way to expert level riders.  If you want a high end board that will take you everywhere and never let you down … get the ACE.

Ace Sizes:  131 /133 / 135 / 137  /139 / 141 cm, board only  … $579

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2017 Spectrum Kiteboard

The Cabrinha Spectrum is the perfect twin tip kiteboard to get you going in this sport and carry you up to the advanced level of kiting. The Spectrum is easy to ride and easy to learn tricks with, but it won’t break the bank. Excellent board for the ride who wants the best, but not pay to much.

Spectrum Sizes: 136cm / 140cm / 144cm / 148cm / 152cm / kiteboard only … $399

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2017 Stylus Kiteboard

The Cabrinha Stylus is the answer to light wind riding and for medium to heavy kiters who want to ride as much as possible, even when its light wind.  Get the Stylus and have the time of your life in light wind or when you just need to ride when others can’t.

Cabrinha 165cm Stylus kiteboard only … $609

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 2017 Litewave Designs


LiteWave Wing kiteboard

The Wing is the ultimate light wind performance machine. The Wing will get you going and take you upwind in the lightest conditions and hold an edge better , when the wind does pick up. Easy to ride and easy to stay on plane.  Get the wing and see what fun light winds can be.

155cm -165cm,  complete with footstraps  – $699









 2017 Nobile Split boards


Nobile – NHP Split kiteboads:


NHP Split: 134cm – 138cm, complete with Nobile Footstraps, fins, handle, bag

The Nobile NHP Split kiteboard is the best selling and most sought after travel board in our line up.  The NHP Slit defines high performance with ease of travel. Nobile invented the most amazing design to allow the board to split, yet ride like a one piece board. The board is easy to ride and still performs the way advanced lever riders demand.  This board is so good, it can easily be your only board.  No tools needed to fully assemble the board.  The highest quality construction and materials go into NHP Split board.  It comes in 3 sizes:  130cm for small riders, 134cm for medium riders, and 138cm for light winds or large riders.

2017 NHP Split 134 or 138 cm  comes with footstraps, fins and handle … $1099

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2017 FlySurfer Kiteboards


2017 Flysurfer – FlySplit 2  Kiteboard:

Sizes:  134cm  or 139cm , comes complete with footstraps, fins, handle.  

Complete FlySpit 2 kiteboard … $1099


Why buy a Directional Kiteboard?

Why should you choose a Directional kiteboard?

  •     Because you want to learn to ride waves with your kite.
  •     They are able to ride in lighter winds than most twin tip boards.
  •     They  have that true surfy feel and they carve turns like nothing else.
  •     Directional boards are a great cross over if  you want to learn foil boarding.
  •     Directional boards are ideal for riding strapless.


HydroFoil Boards


images-1Why should you choose a Foil Board?

  •     Because you can already kite well and you want to expand you kiteboarding experience
  •     Because you want to ride in the lightest winds possible and have a blast
  •     Because you want to get into kite racing events.
  •     Because you want to ride on clouds when the water is choppy.
  •     Because it looks feels like your floating on air.
  •     Because it rides upwind better than any other board.

2017 Liquid Force Happy Foil Board System … On Sale !


The Happy Foil is an intermediate -advanced level foil board and foil system. Great for those that want to buy one foil that can do just about everything. The happy fish is a little more difficult to learn to foil, but you won’t outgrow it. Interchangeable foil wings and components make this the best choice for serious foil riders.

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Liquid Force “Rocket Fish” Complete


The Rocket Fish is the entry level system that make foiling fun and easy to learn, without breaking the bank or the foil.

This system is designed to give you the quickest learning curve and the lowest price point for entering this fun and exhilarating sport. Also available: interchangeable foil wings and components make this an ideal choice for progression in  foil riding.

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