Kiteboarding / Kitesurfing Lessons

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Kiteboard Lessons in San Diego

MANTA Wind & Water Sports  is San Diego’s First and only Kiteboarding school to offer, IKO & PASA certified , licensed, and insured training.     We are the first to teach kiteboard lessons, in San Diego, and we’ve been doing so,  since 1999.

We are #1 in San Diego for a good reason … We love to teach this sport, and we pride ourselves on giving the most comprehensive lesson, with the safest techniques, that let you learn faster and safer than any other training options.

Your safety and success in the this sport are directly related to the quality of the instructor.   Please don’t waste money, or be fooled by false operators, who hire anyone who will pretend to be a certified kiteboarding instructor.

Every one of our Kiteboard Lessons is taught by an PASA & IKO certified, and insured kiteboarding instructor.

We structure our lessons to provide you and your friends with a safe and productive Kiteboarding /Kitesurfing experience, for ages 12 and up.

We believe the best way to learn Kiteboarding quickly and safely is with “hands on” performance and practice, with the right size gear for the conditions, and without intimidation.

Learn these skills from a real pro, who knows how to teach kiteboarding.  Manta Water Sports teaches the kiteboard skills you want, with and the etiquette, and the safety techniques, you need, to become a safe, and responsible kiteboarder.

All of our Kiteboarding lesson programs are “Performance Based” so you can learn at your pace and comfort level.  We teach as fast as the students can safely perform the land and water skills.  If you learn quickly, you could be riding a board in your first lesson.

We offer beginner to advanced levels of instruction.  We teach most days of the week and all year long.   Our instructors are energetic, knowledgeable and fun.

We take pride in giving you the most experienced and safest instructors. Our instructors have at least 16 years experience teaching this sport.  We are the real deal, and we teach you how to be a kiteboarder quicker and safer.

Our lesson programs offer you a real hands-on experience; teaching you how to safely set up the gear, fly the kite, body drag, and when your ready, ride the board, jump, and much more.

Our “Kiteboarding Lesson Skill” demonstrations are quick and to the point, so you have more time in the lesson to practice flying and experience the thrills of kiteboarding for yourself.

We do offer the option of radio helmets for use, during water skills … if you need that constant little voice to help you.

The choice is simple. If you really want to learn Kiteboarding, Quickly, and Safely, from real instructors  — Choose, MANTA Wind & Water Sports.

For Kiteboard Lesson Reservations & Info Call: 858-610-6000
Please email or call us today, to reserve your lesson.

Note: Minors (under 18 yrs) must have a parent present to fill in required waivers, or arrange to have them filled in prior to lesson date.

We invite you to explore all of our Kiteboarding Lesson options:

Manta Provides the following equipment items during selected lesson programs:

  •     Kite complete with bar and safety system for land and water skills
  •     Helmet for land and Radio helmet for water skills
  •     Waist harness for land and water skills
  •     Booties for water skills
  •     Wet suits of average size for water skills
  •     Life jackets for water skills
  •     Kiteboard  with footstraps for water skills


Terms and Conditions:

Manta Water Sports, reserves the right to make schedule changes as needed; based on safety, weather conditions, health conditions,  emergencies, or any other unforeseen circumstances. We reserve the right; to refuse service, to anyone we feel is acting in an unsafe, abusive, or negligent manor. By reserving a kiteboarding lesson with Manta Water Sports, you agree to, come on time, attend the lesson, and pay for that lesson.  If you need to make changes or cancel your lesson, you agree to give us a written ( email ) cancelation no less than 24 hrs prior to start of the scheduled lesson.