Board Riding Made Easy

Enhance your riding ability and improve your
kite and board handling skills.

Learn & Improve your Board riding

This is an Intermediate Level Lesson …….$199


This 2-hour Private Performance based intermediate level kiteboard lesson teaches you the tips and tricks used to get you up and riding the kiteboard quickly and easily, even in light wind. It’s the perfect lesson for continuing students or the novice kiteboarder looking to enhance his or her riding ability and/or improve their kite/board handling skills.  Also perfect for those people who had previous lessons , but could not quite ride the board.  This is primarily a water based lesson, but you must demonstrate you are skilled enough for this lesson, and exhibit safe control of the kite, prior to the start of water skills.

Note: You can save $25 per session, if you provide all your own gear and safety equipment in the lesson.


  •  Option to use, all your own kiteboarding & Safety equipment, or ours.
  •  2 hours of Private Performance water skills based instruction
  •  Special tips to succeed in light winds with the kite and on the board.
  •  Friendly, Fun & Knowledgeable Instructors
  •  Student discounts on most equipment items we sell.

1Water Starts & Riding the Board
This session teaches you the 4 most common mistakes beginners make when try to water start. You will also learn bonus tips to let you ride in light winds. You will practice the water starts, Board riding and speed control while maintaining proper balance and board position for efficient riding.

2Controlled Stops and Smooth Turns
This session teaches you how to stop yourself and control your speed using the kite and board. You will also learn how to plan for, and perform smooth turns, that keep you safe, in control and styling.

Note:  Yamaha Wave Runner support may be available for selected in-water training sessions.  Additional cost of …  $50/hr, must be requested and paid in advance.

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Terms and conditions:

Manta Water Sports, reserves the right to make schedule changes as needed; based on safety, weather conditions, health conditons, family emergencies and any other unforeseen circumstances.  We reserve the right; to refuse service, to anyone we feel is acting in an unsafe, abusive, or negligent manor. By reserving a kiteboarding lesson with Manta Water Sports, you agree to, come on time, attend the lesson, and pay for that lesson. If you need to make changes or cancel your lesson, you agree to give us a written ( email ) cancelation no less than 24 hrs prior to start of the scheduled lesson.