Light Wind Style

Learn the Secrets to Kiteboarding in Light Wind!


“Light Wind Style”  Kiteboard lesson:    $89/hour

This class is a MUST for any beginning or intermediate level kiteboarder that wants to learn the special techniques used to succeed in “Light Wind” environments.

Kiteboarders that come from stronger wind environments will find the techniques they were taught, won’t work in light wind conditions.  Novice kiteboarders who are frustrated with learning to ride will benefit from this class as well.  We wrote the book on light wind kiteboarding …. we call it “Light Wind Style”.

Not sure if this class if for you ?  …  Ask yourself these Questions:

  •     Do you have trouble keeping the kite flying?
  •     Do you wonder why you can’t ride?
  •     Do you think there is not enough wind?
  •     Do you come from a strong wind environment?
  •     Do you feel like your board keeps sinking?
  •     Do you have trouble riding upwind?
  •     Does your kite constantly fall from the sky?
  •     Do you think you have the wrong kite?
  •     Do you have trouble relaunching your kite?
  •     Do your jumps land with a splat?

 ….  Then this is the right Lesson for You !



We have been teaching in light winds for over 14 years, we know what it takes to Ride, Jump and Stay upwind when others can’t.  This is a one hour “land based” lesson that will teach you “Light Wind Style” and theory. All of these techniques are presented and practiced on land, so you can later succeed in the water. We highly recommend you bring your own kiteboarding equipment and harness to this lesson. We want you to  learn these skills with your equipment to gain the most benefit.

Skills offered in this Light Wind Style Lesson:

  •     Self Lanching
  •     Reverse Launching
  •     Keeping the kite Flying
  •     One handed flying
  •     Saving the Kite
  •     Water Re-lauch
  •     Self Landing
  •     Flying by feel
  •     Get Up and Keep going


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