Where to Kiteboard in San Diego

Kite Spots by Skill level


Kite Beach in San Diego



Kiteboard / Kitesurf Areas

San Diego has several kite locations that are designated as; Novice level,  Beginner level,  Intermediate level,  High Intermediate level, and Advanced level, riding areas.
Here is your guide to determine your San Diego “skill level” … should you should attempt to ride these specific areas.

Please do not attempt to ride any area above the skill level shown below.  San Diego is a very populated area and we do not have the right to endanger the general public.  During summer months, and holidays, the “ocean areas” are considered “Advance Level Only”  riding areas.

Please make wise choices and always check in with the lifeguards or park rangers, before setting up your gear, or attempting to ride.

Beginners, please take Kiteboard lessons from Manta Water Sports , before attempting any in water, or land activities, with these kites.   Here is the link:   KiteBoardLesson.com


What skill level of rider are you ?  


Advanced Level Riders:



High Intermediate Level riders:



Intermediate Level Riders:



Beginner Level Riders:



Novice Level Kiters:


Unofficial Map of popular San Diego kiteboarding areas that we have used in 2017.

You are NOT allowed to ride in any other areas of the ocean or bay !!!




Manta Wind & Water Sports is the only PASA & IKO certified kiteboarding instruction available in all of San Diego.  For kiteboard lessons and equipment sales , contact them at www.MantaWaterSports.com.

Thanks and have a safe and enjoyable time kiteboarding in San Diego.