Manta Water Sports is San Diego’s only Kiteboarding & Wing Foil Surfing School and Equipment Dealer.  We offer certified Kiteboarding instruction for beginners to advanced levels and we offer instruction in the newest wind sport - Wing Foiling / Wing Surfing.

Since our school was established in 1999, our Lesson Programs have been taught by one of the nations safest and most experienced professional kiteboarding instructors, John Arthur.

John is a PASA and IKO  certified Kiteboarding Instructor. He has been teaching this sport for more than 20 years, and maintained a 100% safety record the entire time. Your safety, success and satisfaction are the prime objectives of every lesson he teaches.

Manta Water Sports knows how to turn you and your loved ones, into real kiteboarders or wing foil surfers, faster and safer than other schools. No other school comes anywhere close to the phenomenal success, and safety record in kiteboarding, that Manta Water Sports brings to the table.

We are the Original, the most Successful, and Safest choice for your kite board , wing surf lessons and official equipment needs.

Whether you are a total beginner to kiteboarding or wing foil surfing, or just want to take your Kiteboarding  skills to the next level, our Private, Semi Private, and Group Kiteboarding lesson programs are designed to fit your individual goals, budget and comfort level.

Our certified and experienced kiteboarding instructor will teach you how to be independent and self sufficient, so you can get going on your own, quicker, and more safely.

We tailor our lessons towards the strengths, goals and styles of our male or female students. Because of this, our students become confident, skilled and safe kite boarders up to 40 times faster.

Manta Water Sports has safely taught thousands of lessons to men, women, and children ages 12 years and up. Come and learn to Kiteboard or Wing Surf in the calm, warm water of Mission Bay in San Diego, California. We have maintained a 100% safety record the entire time, and our student satisfaction is second to none.  Our students become great examples of safe, courteous, and skilled kite boarders or wing surfers, in less time and with more enjoyment.

At MANTA, we use the finest kiteboarding and wing foil surfing equipment in our lessons. All the kiteboarding or wing foil surfing gear and safety equipment is provided during your lesson. Yes, we even provide wet suits, booties, and radio helmets at no charge, if you require them in the lesson.

Our kiteboard lesson programs have consistently received the highest ratings for student enjoyment, exceptional performance, safety and professionalism. We are #1 for good reasons. Come see why Manta Water Sports is your only name for kiteboarding / kitesurfing & wing foil surfing,  in San Diego, and the West Coast.

Our water skills training is the best in the world. We take pride in showing you how to be independent and self sufficient, on and off the water. We specialize in teaching you quickest and safest way to ride, and keep yourself riding … even in light wind.

Manta is also your authorized dealer for the worlds top brands of new kiteboarding and wing foil surfing equipment. We make sure you to get the right gear, on the first try, to become the kiteboarder or wing foil surfer you desire, quicker, safer, and with less overall costs.

We Sell these Brands:  North / Core / Naish / Cabrinha / LiteWave  / Mystic / Dakine

We offer the best prices on kiteboarding, kitesurfing, wing foil , wing surfing, wing boarding equipment, and accessories. We only sell the finest quality kites, wings, boards, hydrofoils, harnesses and travel bags that money can buy.  Let us set you up with the right kiteboard or wing foil surf equipment for your needs.

Student Safety and Satisfaction are what have made Manta Water Sports #1 in Kiteboarding, throughout California and the West Coast.

Thank you for choosing Manta Water Sports for your Kiteboarding, Kitesurfing and Wing Foil Surfing lessons and Equipment needs.


Our Private and Group Kiteboarding lesson programs are designed to fit your individual goals, budget and comfort level.

When you are looking to learn kite boarding, or Wing surfing,
You want to learn quickly and safely
from the most experienced instructor
You won't be safe or successful if you just go with any instructor or school you find, You need to learn from the best.
MANTA Water Sports doesn't offer you an inferior "Resort Style" Kiteboarding or Wing Surfing lesson!
We offer you a Comprehensive Performance Based Lesson,
which teaches you the techniques and skill sets YOU need to learn to ride quicker and safer and independently!

Hi, my name is John Arthur, and I am the kiteboarding and wing surfing instructor at MANTA Water Sports kiteboarding school in San Diego.

For the 20+ years I've taught kiteboarding, I've learned that no two kite-boarding students are the same. Your skill sets are unique and a technique that may work well with one student may be too much or too little for the other students.

That is why I have developed a unique method for teaching kiteboarding, called Performance Based Instruction, which shows you the techniques and skill sets that YOU need in order to learn to kiteboard quicker and safer and more independently, than what other training programs offer.

PLUS — MANTA Water Sports provides all the right size equipment you need for the kiteboarding or wing surfing lesson – And our students qualify for the lowest prices on selected equipment items they purchase from us.

Kiteboard Instructor

John Arthur

John Arthur is San Diego’s only IKO & PASA certified kiteboading instructor. He founded Manta Water Sports, and started teaching kiteboarding in 1999. He has maintained a 100% safety record the entire time. John has an undeniable passion for teaching than shows in all his lesson programs. His 20+ years of teaching experience are exemplified in all his lesson programs. John teaches beginner to advanced level kiteboard lessons and beginner wing surfing lessons all year and he knows how to get you to ride. Best of all, he continues to offer free training tips and advise to his students, beyond their initial lesson.

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Kiteboarding Advanced
Kiteboard Equipment
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We sell the top brands used in the world! We carry the items that are best suited to get our students successfully into kiteboarding or wing surfing, and never out grow it ... you will Love It!