By johnarthur

Tips for Self Starters

Tips for you self starters:


Secrets to learn faster and safer:

Rule #1:      The Kite is #1 … it must not fall or crash EVER!   ( The kite is only allowed to go down, when YOU want it down.)

Rule #2:     It’s all about Kite Skill !    ( Be Great with the Kite and Riding will be Safer and Easier.)

Rule #3:     Stay away from people and hazards!   ( You are never as good as you think you are … Don’t expose others to possible dangers.)

Rule #4:     Know how to Kill your kite!  You must understand how your kite’s safety system works, and be proficient at using it.

Rule #5:     Don’t go further from shore than you are willing to swim with a kite attached to you!


Getting Started:

Get a 3m Trainer kite and take it out to an open area away from people and hazards.

Practice flying the 3m trainer kite in light winds at first (<10mph).

Get really good at flying and looping  the trainer kite, no falls or crashes ever again.

Get really good at one handed flying, and flying by feel, more than by sight.

Get really good at KILLING the kite and relaunching the kite.

Use the kite to help you back get up from a seated position.

Get really good at saving the kite from falls in light winds.

Get really good at calming the kite down in stronger winds.

Take a lesson from a qualified kiteboarding instructor.  (See my other blog on how to tell if you have a good instructor at, )

Make sure the instructor teaches you all the following Land Skills:

Kite Set up /Self Launch /Self Land, De-power /Emergency De-power (Kill) / Assisted Launch / Assisted Landing /Kite Re-Launch /Kite Control / One Handed Flying.

Buy the real kite, in the correct size for you, and your environment. Then practice what you learned with it on land, in light winds, (<10mph) at first, and as you get better, <15 mph … for at least  7-10 days of practice.

Take a 2nd lesson from the same instructor go to the water.    (Remember Rule #1)

Make sure the instructor teaches  you the following Water Skills:

Water Relaunch / Emergency De-power /Self Rescue / All Body dragging skills / Board handling / Water Starts / Water Exits / Right of Ways / Etiquette.

Go to the water when the winds are just > 10 mph  to practice what you learned. Avoid winds over 18mph until your skilled.


Guidelines for Safer Water Skills:

Select a safe Training Area:  Entry and Exit points,  Launch and Landing area , and Stay downwind of other beach and water users.

Train with side shore winds or side on shore winds. Do not train in off shore or on shore winds.

Dont go to the water is the kite is not flying well.   ( Don’t be Foolish.  If the winds are to light, water skills will not be productive)

Don’t go farther from shore than you are willing and able to swim with a kite attached to you.

Practice self rescue with your kite in shallow water close to shore before you venture out from shore.

Learn to body drag well , before trying to ride a board.

Body Dragging skills are actually 4 skills per drag:  Enter water, Drag, Return to shore, Return to starting point …. All Without Losing Control of the Kite.

Body Drag Skills you Must learn:  On Belly / UpRight / One Handed / UpWind / With Board in Hand / With Board on Feet.

Can you perform all the Body Dragging skills without losing control or letting the kite fall or crash ???


KiteBoard Riding Skills:     …….   To Be Continued:

I don’t want your ego to over ride your skill level … Go Practice the Basics First!