By johnarthur

My harness is riding up !

Is your waist harness sliding up to your armpits?

Is your seat harness giving you crotch squeeze?

Providing your harness is actually the right size for you … the first thing you should look for, is your stance.

If you are standing tall while you fly a kite, your harness will always try to slide up.

We shouldn’t stand tall when we fly kites, we should try to relax back, and counter balance against the pull of the kite.

Fix that … and you will see the harness is not being pulled up your abdomen, its actually being pulled away from your abdomen.

Is your neck getting sore? Same thing … Don’t stand tall, relax back and your neck will not have to look up.

Are you falling foreword when the kite pulls?

Same thing … relax back



How do you Relax Back?
Hips Forward, Knees bent, shoulder blades back, slight back bend against your harness.



Give it a try.


John Arthur