Kiteboarding Sites in San Diego

Where to to kiteboard in San Diego ?

#1  Kite Beach – “Enchanted Cove”


Please help us keep our access to kiteboarding in San Diego.   

Be the best example of kiteboarding to everyone you encounter. 

Beginners to Advanced kite boarders will enjoy Enchanted Cove, on Fiesta Island, San Diego 92109. 

All lessons and kiteboard training in San Diego are performed here. Enchanted Cove offers flat, ocean fed, bay water, surrounded by sandy beaches with limited  hazards.

This is the best place to come for beginners to intermediate kiters, as well as flat water junkies, freestylers, and hydrofoil kiters.  I ride here a lot, the flat water makes for great freestyle tricks and easy learning. The water is warmer than the open ocean … no wetsuit required in summer and early autumn. Surrounded by land so, self rescues are easy.  Fun place!

San Diego is not known for strong wind … we are actually the light wind capital of California. So, leave your 5-7m kites at home.

Wind speed is usually blowing only 9 to 16 mph, during the summer months ( 8-14 knots).    West and North West are the best wind directions for Enchanted Cove. Avoid NE, S and SE winds … they are extremely gusty and very hazardous for kiting in this area.  On a good day, wind will be  blowing WNW 11-19mph.

Learn to keep your kite flying, even when the wind shifts or drops … that is the secret to your success at this location. There is often a wind shadow near western beach and relaunching is never a sure thing.

You must wear a kite leash when you ride in San Diego.  There are children in the area and at the park on the East end of the bay. You do not want your kite to get away and blow into them or the freeway immediately to the east.

Kite size is based on rider size, skill and board type … but we are usually riding 12m-17m kites. Smaller riders usually ride 9-12m kites.

The bay is connected to the ocean and affected by tidal changes. No waves, and very small wind chop. Water temperature is 68-72 F in the summer and drops to 55-63 F, in the winter.  A 3mm surf suit is good for October- April.  A 3mm Shorty is good for May – July.   A swim suit is perfect from July – September.

We suggest you wear surf booties all year to protect yourself from cuts that are possible from shells, clams and glass in the sand and shoreline. String Rays are present year round … so shuffle your feet when walking in the water.

Please Launch and land your kite near the water line and avoid possible contact with the street and vehicles traveling along that street. Keep your kite over the water when walking with it.

You should know how to safely “self launch” and “self land” your kite when you kite in San Diego. If you don’t know how to do this, contact us and or take a lesson on how to do it.

Beginners and Kiters in training, must stay downwind of more experienced kiters, and always avoid congested areas on the water and shoreline.

Please stay at least 100 ft / 33 meters away from all beach and water users and give up the right of way when ever possible.  In general, do not fly your kite over anyone or anything,  and set up away from beach users.

You must respect the space and safety of all beach and water users at all times … public safety is priority #1.

If you blow onto the small island east of the riding area , do not walk onto the island (endangered plants on the island).  Instead, stay on the western shore line and walk south, to the end, then swim off.

Don’t kite if the beach is to crowded to safely set up, launch, enter, exit, or land your kite.

There are no services or facilities on the island, except for the occasional port-a-potty.  Bring your own water, snacks and first aid kit.

Do not leave valuables on the beach or in your vehicle and lock it when you are away.

Please set up and launch  on the south western half of the cove when the prevailing wind is blowing ( W or NW)  … do NOT set up where the wind can blow you towards the youth camp or other water users.

Do NOT ride near, nor land on the beach on the Eastern Beach where the “Youth Camp” is located.  The youth camp is private property. They do not want us to endanger the children nor their property. The youth camp beach is closed to kiteboarding activities all year.  If the youth camp has kayakers or other boats out on the water. Please stay south of them and give them lots of room. They are children and they do not know how to interact with kites.  They are only out for 30 minutes at a time , then they go back to shore.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read though this and welcome to San Diego.

Happy and Safe Kiteboarding.