Light Wind Kites

What is best Light Wind kiteboarding kite !


Is the Liquid Force SOLO the light wind champ ?

In our humble opinion … Yes!  The brand new, Liquid Force “SOLO” 17.5 meter kite is the light wind king of kiteboarding.

The 2016 LF Solo 17.5m kite is the purest form of Power, Simplicity, and Fun, in one kite package.  This brand new breed of kite can stay in the sky when other Light Wind kites can’t.

It has been able to take off and pull us, even when other kites barley can take off.  The Solo is so smooth and quick … it will get you riding and keep you riding when other riders give up and go home.

Don’t let this light wind beast fool you … it is really quick and it bolts upwind with ease.  Great for beginners to expert riders who want to kite more days.

If you are a big rider … the SOLO 15.5m – 17.5m kites are your ticket to kiteboarding in light to moderate winds.

San Diego , California is the light wind proving grounds for kiteboarding, and the newly released Solo 17.5m kite is the light wind champ.

Manta Wind & Water Sports in San Diego has stock on a Solo kite to fit your needs.