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Kiteboard Lessons in San Diego

Learn to Kiteboard / Kitesurf

Manta Wind & Water Sports

San Diego is a great place to take kiteboard lessons.

We have a huge sand area for learning the land skills that get you started. We have a shallow flat water bay next to the field, for water skills. (body dragging and board riding)

We have light winds that make learning to kiteboard more forgiving and safe. We have several, ocean and bay, riding areas to choose from when you become more skilled.

Manta Wind &Water Sports teaches kiteboarding all year, and most days of the week.

We provide all the equipment for your lesson, even wetsuits, booties and safety equipment.

Manta Wind & Water Sports is the only IKO and PASA certified kiteboarding operation in San Diego.

We are the first kite school in Southern California, and we have maintained a 100% safety record the entire time.

Reserve you Kiteboard Lessons with Manta Water Sports, and learn quicker, safer, and with a lot more enjoyment.

We offer Private,  Semi Private, and Group lessons.

We offer Equipment Deals to our students, that can save you more money, than the cost of your lesson.

Learn from the Best, and enjoy this sport, with family and friends, for life.

Manta Water Sports, is your equipment dealer for:  

Cabrinha / Liquid Force / Naish / Flysurfer / Nobile / Mystic / HQ / Woo Sports

Located in San Diego, California.

Reserve a lesson Kiteboard lesson today

Email us:    or    Call :  858-610-6000

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Holiday Time for Kiteboard Lessons

Give the Gift of Kiteboarding Lessons and Gear!

Manta Wind & Water Sports is open for Lessons and Equipment sales during the holidays.

We specialize in teaching you how to be independent and self sufficient, so you can practice on your own right away.

Sign up for the Discover kiteboarding Lesson today and Receive the student discounts on Equipment you purchase from us.

Kiteboard Lesson Gift certificates are the perfect gift for those loved ones who love adventure sports.

Call us today to reserve you kiteboard lesson or get info on gift certificates and kiteboard equipment

Call us today and get you holiday Deals



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Kiteboard / Kitesurf Lessons Now !

The Best time to learn to kiteboard is now !


Take your kiteboarding lessons now, and learn while the water is still warm, but the summer crowds are gone.

Manta Wind & Water Sports offers kiteboard lessons all year, and the best time to learn is when the summer crowds have gone.  The waters are still warm, and the beaches are uncrowded.  Take your kiteboard / kitesurf  lessons in November, December, January, or February and be riding  long before the spring and summer season hits.

This time of year is also a great time to get a head start on training before you head off on those holiday vacations.  Manta Water Sports , offers beginner through advanced levels of instruction every day of the week and all year.

This time is year is great time to purchase kiteboarding equipment , as we offer the best deals on kiteboard gear now.  We sell the top brands of gear at the lowest prices allowed.

We sell:  Liquid Force / Cabrinha / Naish / Flysurfer / Nobile / Mystic / HQ / Woo Sports / gear and accessories

We provide all the gear during your lesson, including wet suites, booties, lifejackets and radio helmets if you need them.   Get the safest and the most comprehensive training available.

Call us at : 858-610-6000

Email us at :

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What is the Best Foilboard to Buy?


2017 Liquid Force “Happy Foil” Review

2017 Happy Foil gets 5 stars

We tested the 2017 Happy Foil board w/ Happy foil set,  with our entry level rider, and here are Patrick’s words:

2o17 Happy Foil board and Foil Set:

I really did learned to get up and ride the foil board in just one day, using the 2017 Happy Foil.  I decided to maximize his success by installing Liquid Force’s optional “Low Aspect” front wing onto the Happy Foil fuselage for initial training.   The LF low aspect wing has a track record of making foil boarding easy.   The Happy Foils stock Medium Aspect wing would be used after I get the feel for foil boarding … this proved to be a great path to success.

Day 1: I set the foil mast to the rear position on the board, and used the 1.5 degree, rear wing trim plate. After 5 minutes of riding the board flat on the water, I was up and riding the foil for short distances, all within 15 minutes of water time. After about 30 minutes, I was able to ride longer distances and gently stop. By the end of my 1 hour session, I could ride in either direction for 3/4 of the length of the bay.    (Wind speed was 8-13mph with a 12m kite).

Day 2: I was dialed into getting up and riding in either direction for the full length of the bay, and able to go up wind and downwind with ease. Still working on making transitions.    (Wind speed was 8-14mph with 12m kite).

Day 3:  I switched to the Happy Foil’s stock “medium aspect” wing on the fuselage, and had no trouble getting up and riding the foil. Able to go much faster and perform carving upwind and downwind turns.  Still working on making complete transitions.    (Wind Speed was 7-12mph with a 12m kite).

Summary: The Liquid Force Happy Foil was the easiest, and most adaptable foil, we have ever tested … We give it a 5 star rating!

If you want a foil board and foil set that you will be hard pressed to outgrow , and a foil set that could last you a lifetime without worry … get the 2017  Liquid Force Happy Foil from Manta Water Sports, and feel the freedom to expand this system with your desires.

Optional Accessories:  Low Aspect Wing / High Aspect wing / Carbon Fuselage / Short Masts / Trim plates / Board options.

Get  your 2017 Liquid Force Happy Foil Today.

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Kiteboarding lessons all year.

Reserve Kiteboarding & Wing Surfing Lessons, All year.

Sign up for you kiteboarding or Wing surfing lessons today and enjoy this amazing sport.

Beginner lessons offered most days and all year.

We offer :  Private , Semi-Private, and Group lesson options.

We povide all the equipment during you lesson.

We offer student discounts on new gear you purchase.

Contact us today:

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Light winds got you bummed ?

Light wind equipment is the ticket to you happiness!

Kites like the liquid force solo and the cabrinha contra have made it possible to kite in as little as 8 knots with a twin tip.

Boards like the Liquid Force Happy Pill along with the Happy foil system have made it possible to kite in as little as 7 knots with the solo kite.

Foil Kiteboarding

Contact John at, and get your teeth into the light wind riding game  858-610-6000

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Board Riding Made Easy

Learn & Improve Your Board Riding

Book a 2-hour Customized Lesson and learn how to ride the board like a pro.

This private performance based intermediate level kiteboard lesson teaches you the tips and tricks used to get you up and riding the kiteboard quickly and easily, even in light wind.

It's the perfect lesson for continuing students or the novice kiteboarder looking to enhance his or her riding ability and/or improve their kite/board handling skills.  Also perfect for those people who had previous lessons , but could not quite ride the board.

This is primarily a water based lesson, but you must demonstrate you are skilled enough for this lesson, and exhibit safe control of the kite, prior to the start of water skills.


Option to use, all your own kiteboarding & Safety equipment, or ours

2 hours of Private Performance water skills based instruction

Special tips to succeed in light winds with the kite and on the board

Friendly, Fun & Knowledgeable Instructors

Student discounts on most equipment items we sell.

$ 199




private lesson
semi-private lesson
2 hrs
kiteboarding experience necessary

In This Lesson We Cover

This session teaches you the 4 most common mistakes beginners make when try to water start. You will also learn bonus tips to let you ride in light winds. You will practice the water starts, Board riding and speed control while maintaining proper balance and board position for efficient riding.
This session teaches you how to stop yourself and control your speed using the kite and board. You will also learn how to plan for, and perform smooth turns, that keep you safe, in control and styling.

Note:  Yamaha Wave Runner support may be available for selected in-water training sessions. It must be requested in advance and an additional cost of $50/hr must be paid in advance.


Explore all of our Kiteboarding Lesson options

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Foil Boarding Lessons

Learn to ride a Hydro Foil Board

Are you ready to try Foil boarding?

Yes ... We can provide the Foil board during the lesson !

If you are an intermediate, or higher level kiteboarder, you are ready to learn to Foil Board. The newest Foil boards can ride in as little as 6mph and easily stay up wind.  Add foil boarding lessons to your skill set.

Manta Wind & Water Sports, now offers beginner foil board lessons and rentals, to intermediate level kiteboarders and higher.  Take our 2hr private foil boarding lesson first, then rent or purchase your foil board from us and you'll be riding in a few sessions.

Note:  You must be proficient at kite control,  board transitions, basic jumps, and self rescue before taking this lesson. Your body dragging skills must also be top notch, to handle this lesson.

Be prepared to spend several minutes just getting used to how the board is handled on land and in the water before you attempt your first ride. Foil kiteboarding is not as intuitive as it looks ... but its also not hard to learn.  We use the newest and easiest to ride hydrofoil system on the market to get you up and riding faster and with less frustration that possible with other systems.

Manta's Foil board lesson does offer you the basics in handling , safety and successful riding.  Then you can make an informed decision if this is for you before you drop the funds purchase your own foil board set.

We can provide all the gear during the lesson, however, it is suggested that you use as much of your own equipment, since those items are a factor in your overall comfort and performance.

Warning: The hydrofoil system does contain sharp and ridged edges. This poses a higheer risk of injury to you and others. By taking this lesson , you agree to accept these added risks and liabilities.


Option to use, all your own kiteboarding & Safety equipment, or ours

2 hours of Private Performance water skills based instruction

Special tips to succeed in light winds with the kite and on the board

Friendly, Fun & Knowledgeable Instructors

Student discounts on most equipment items we sell.

$ 199




private lesson
semi-private lesson
2 hrs
kiteboarding experience necessary

Note: If you provide your own foil or foil and kite gear, you'll get a reduction on the price of the Foil Boarding Lesson


Explore all of our Kiteboarding Lesson options

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Light Wind Style

The Light Wind Style class is a MUST for any beginning or intermediate level kiteboarder that wants to learn the special techniques used to succeed in "Light Wind" environments.

Kiteboarders that come from stronger wind environments will find the techniques they were taught, won't work in light wind conditions.  Novice kiteboarders who are frustrated with learning to ride will benefit from this class as well.  We wrote the book on light wind kiteboarding .... we call it "Light Wind Style".

We have been teaching in light winds for over 14 years, we know what it takes to Ride, Jump and Stay upwind when others can't.  This is a one hour "land based" lesson that will teach you "Light Wind Style" and theory. All of these techniques are presented and practiced on land, so you can later succeed in the water. We highly recommend you bring your own kiteboarding equipment and harness to this lesson. We want you to  learn these skills with your equipment to gain the most benefit.


Self Lanching

Reverse Launching

Keeping the kite Flying

One handed flying

Saving the Kite

Water Re-lauch

Self Landing

Flying by feel

Get Up and Keep going

$ 199




private lesson
semi-private lesson
2 hrs
kiteboarding experience necessary

Not sure if this class is for you?

Ask yourself these Questions:

Do you have trouble keeping the kite flying?

Do you wonder why you can't ride?

Do you think there is not enough wind?

Do you come from a strong wind environment?

Do you feel like your board keeps sinking?

Do you have trouble riding upwind?

Does your kite constantly fall from the sky?

Do you think you have the wrong kite?

Do you have trouble relaunching your kite?

Do your jumps land with a splat?

Then this is the right Lesson for You!



Explore all of our Kiteboarding Lesson options

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Kiteboarding Adventure Lesson

This 5 hour Kiteboarding Adventure Lesson is perfect for an individual wishing to experience the thrills and joys of Kiteboarding basics and have more time to work on the fundamentals, or towards getting up and riding the board. If all skills are learned safely and quickly, it is possible to be riding the board within a 4hr lesson.  The Kiteboarding Adventure Package is like the Discover kiteboarding lesson, but it has 1 extra hour of time to get further along in the skills or to spend more time riding the board.  Be warned: 5hrs is a really long day for the average student, and you are committed to pay for the entire 5hrs.

No experience necessary. Min. age is 12 years.


Use of the kiteboarding and safety gear.

Friendly, Fun & Knowledgeable and Certified Instructors.

 Up to 5 hours of Performance Based Instruction.

Student Discounts on the equipment items we sell.

Use of wet suits and booties if you need them.

Bring your friends and turn it into a Private Party lesson:  Just add $150/person.

$ 399




private lesson
semi-private lesson
5 hrs
no kiteboarding experience necessary

In This Lesson We Cover

In this skill set, you be shown how to set up, launch, fly, loop, hover, de-power, and land, the training kite. You will learn basic kiteboarding safety rules and flying theory.
In this skill set, you will taught the fundamentals on how to operate and fly the larger inflatable kite. We focus on kite control, personal and public safety, and emergency systems. We cover site selection, rigging, basic flying skills, self launched, self landings, assisted launches, landings, flying patterns, and one handed kite control. We cover independence and self sufficiency skills through out the lesson. We discuss equipment care and additional safety tips. You will also be introduced to, advanced flying techniques and light wind flying techniques.
In this skill set, you will learn how to choose a safe site, set up, launch the kite and body dragging in the water. You will be shown how to return to shore using the inflatable kite as your tool. You will practice the 5 body dragging skills, plus self rescue techniques, water relaunching, one handed kite control and safe egress. You will be introduced to, safety release vs self rescue options as well as light wind vs high wind techniques, kiteboarding etiquette.
In this skill set, you will be shown the technique to safely perform a water start used to get up and ride the board. You will be taught how to stop, restart and return to shore using the inflatable kite as your tool. You will be shown how to recover your board to ride or return to shore. You also be shown the light wind flying skills that get you up and going as well as how to keep yourself going in light winds. You will be introduced to board safety, self launching, self landing, additional self rescue techniques, and right of way rules.

Note: During the Winter Season the lesson schedule for the 5 hr Kiteboarding Adventure Lessons is 11am-4pm (weekdays and some weekends).
During the Summer Season the lesson schedule is 10-3pm (weekdays only).