What’s Hot, What’s Not ?

LF Hyfy launch 1

What’s hot in kiteboarding ?

  •      Being open and friendly to everyone around you.
  •      Being safe as you set up, launch, ride and transition through other water users.
  •      Putting on a smile and treat others the way you want to be treated.
  •      Check your gear to make sure its safe and fully functional.
  •      Get your friends to take professional lessons , rather than teach them yourself.
  •      Spread the Bliss of the sport to those you meet.
  •      Being Humble.
  •      Demonstrating how fun and safe kiteboarding can be.

What’s not hot in Kiteboarding ?

  •      Being rude or grumpy to everyone around you.
  •      Being unsafe or selfish on and off the water.
  •      Talking trash about other riders or water users.
  •      Not maintaining your gear in a safe and fully functional state.
  •      Trying to teaching your friends and perspective date how to kiteboard.
  •      Launching and dragging, upwind of skilled riders, when you are learning.
  •      Putting your EGO ahead of the public good.
  •      Endangering others with your actions and equipment.
  •      Talking trash about other brands of kite gear.

What is the best way to Protect and Promote Kiteboarding in todays world ?

 BE the best version of  YOU, when you get out there and kite.