By johnarthur

When & Why to buy Kiteboard Equipment ?

Buy it Today?


You might be ready to buy your kiteboarding equipment today.   Can you say, “YES” to the following questions?

  •     Do you really want to become a kiteboarder?
  •     Did you take a lesson from an experienced and certified kiteboarding instructor?
  •     Do you have a safe location to practice?
  •     Did your instructor teach you the following skills ?
    •     Assisted & Self Launching
    •     Assisted & Self Landing
    •     Emergency De-powerand
    •     Kite control

Key issues that effect your choice of kiteboarding equipment.

  •     What wind speeds will you practice and ride in?
  •     Will you be traveling to kiteboard or ride locally?
  •     Do you plan to own more than one kite?
  •     Do you plan to own more than one board?
  •     What style of riding appeals to you:  Free Ride / Wake Style / Waves / Foil Boards / Snow Kiting / Other?
  •     What is your buying style:  Big Spender / Budget Minded / Some where in between ?
  •     What is your mental and physical condition?

“You won’t get good with your kite if you don’t use it.  Get out and fly the kite as much as you can, in safe wind conditions, and learn to be the master of your kite”.  

You should master these skills, before you try to ride a board.

  •     You know how to select a safe launch and landing areas.
  •     You know how to maintain a safe distance away from other land and water users.
  •     You get so good at flying, that the kite never falls or crashes.
  •     You can fly the kite one handed and you don’t need to look at it.
  •     You are very comfortable flying your kite … no intimidation.
  •     You exhibit safe practices and you can easily perform and emergency de-power.
  •     You are independent and self sufficient, but know when to ask for assistance.

Consider taking an “Equipment Orientation” class to get you dialed into your new gear.