Monthly Archives: June 2016

Light Wind Style

The Light Wind Style class is a MUST for any beginning or intermediate level kiteboarder that wants to learn the special techniques used to succeed in “Light Wind” environments. Kiteboarders that come from stronger wind environments will find the techniques they were taught, won’t work in light wind conditions.  Novice kiteboarders who are frustrated with learning to […]

New Equipment Orientation Class

This class is a must for novice kite boarders with new kiteboarding gear, that want to get it adjusted for maximum, performance and safety, in Southern California conditions. This class may also be used to learn how to handle your kite in light wind conditions. Includes: [fa icon=”fa-check” color=”#d80019″] This equipment orientation class shows you how […]

The quickest way to get good at kiteboarding

    Lessons Learned: There are 2 things you learn, when you teach kiteboarding in light wind, for 17 years … “What Does, and what, Doesn’t work”.   What Works Best :    Teach students how important it is to be great at flying the kite.    Teach students how important it is to keep the kite flying, […]

How to purchase Kiteboarding Gear

Before you Buy Kite Gear: If you want to BUY right, on the first try …. Contact: John at Manta Water Sports, in San Diego, California.     Be safer learning.     Spend less money.     Get the right gear for you.     Learn much faster.     Be happy with your gear purchase     Enlighten others. […]