Foil Boarding Lessons

Learn to ride a Hydro Foil Board

Are you ready to try Foil boarding?

Yes … We can provide the Foil board during the lesson !

If you are an intermediate, or higher level kiteboarder, you are ready to learn to Foil Board. The newest Foil boards can ride in as little as 6mph and easily stay up wind.  Add foil boarding lessons to your skill set.

Manta Wind & Water Sports, now offers beginner foil board lessons and rentals, to intermediate level kiteboarders and higher.  Take our 2hr private foil boarding lesson first, then rent or purchase your foil board from us and you’ll be riding in a few sessions.

Note:  You must be proficient at kite control,  board transitions, basic jumps, and self rescue before taking this lesson. Your body dragging skills must also be top notch, to handle this lesson.

Be prepared to spend several minutes just getting used to how the board is handled on land and in the water before you attempt your first ride. Foil kiteboarding is not as intuitive as it looks … but its also not hard to learn.  We use the newest and easiest to ride hydrofoil system on the market to get you up and riding faster and with less frustration that possible with other systems.

Manta’s Foil board lesson does offer you the basics in handling , safety and successful riding.  Then you can make an informed decision if this is for you before you drop the funds purchase your own foil board set.

We can provide all the gear during the lesson, however, it is suggested that you use as much of your own equipment, since those items are a factor in your overall comfort and performance.

Warning: The hydrofoil system does contain sharp and ridged edges. This poses a higheer risk of injury to you and others. By taking this lesson , you agree to accept these added risks and liabilities.


[fa icon=”fa-check” color=”#d80019″] Option to use, all your own kiteboarding & Safety equipment, or ours

[fa icon=”fa-check” color=”#d80019″] 2 hours of Private Performance water skills based instruction

[fa icon=”fa-check” color=”#d80019″] Special tips to succeed in light winds with the kite and on the board

[fa icon=”fa-check” color=”#d80019″] Friendly, Fun & Knowledgeable Instructors

[fa icon=”fa-check” color=”#d80019″] Student discounts on most equipment items we sell.

$ 199



private lesson
semi-private lesson
2 hrs
kiteboarding experience necessary

Note: If you provide your own foil or foil and kite gear, you’ll get a reduction on the price of the Foil Boarding Lesson


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