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2017 Liquid Force “Happy Foil” Review

2017 Happy Foil gets 5 stars

We tested the 2017 Happy Foil board w/ Happy foil set,  with our entry level rider, and here are Patrick’s words:

2o17 Happy Foil board and Foil Set:

I really did learned to get up and ride the foil board in just one day, using the 2017 Happy Foil.  I decided to maximize his success by installing Liquid Force’s optional “Low Aspect” front wing onto the Happy Foil fuselage for initial training.   The LF low aspect wing has a track record of making foil boarding easy.   The Happy Foils stock Medium Aspect wing would be used after I get the feel for foil boarding … this proved to be a great path to success.

Day 1: I set the foil mast to the rear position on the board, and used the 1.5 degree, rear wing trim plate. After 5 minutes of riding the board flat on the water, I was up and riding the foil for short distances, all within 15 minutes of water time. After about 30 minutes, I was able to ride longer distances and gently stop. By the end of my 1 hour session, I could ride in either direction for 3/4 of the length of the bay.    (Wind speed was 8-13mph with a 12m kite).

Day 2: I was dialed into getting up and riding in either direction for the full length of the bay, and able to go up wind and downwind with ease. Still working on making transitions.    (Wind speed was 8-14mph with 12m kite).

Day 3:  I switched to the Happy Foil’s stock “medium aspect” wing on the fuselage, and had no trouble getting up and riding the foil. Able to go much faster and perform carving upwind and downwind turns.  Still working on making complete transitions.    (Wind Speed was 7-12mph with a 12m kite).

Summary: The Liquid Force Happy Foil was the easiest, and most adaptable foil, we have ever tested … We give it a 5 star rating!

If you want a foil board and foil set that you will be hard pressed to outgrow , and a foil set that could last you a lifetime without worry … get the 2017  Liquid Force Happy Foil from Manta Water Sports, and feel the freedom to expand this system with your desires.

Optional Accessories:  Low Aspect Wing / High Aspect wing / Carbon Fuselage / Short Masts / Trim plates / Board options.

Get  your 2017 Liquid Force Happy Foil Today.