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Riding Upwind and Jumping

This 2-hour Riding Upwind & Jumping Lesson Package teaches you the secrets to riding the board upwind like the pros, even in lighter winds. If you are riding upwind and are ready to turn Kiteboarding into an addiction, you are ready to learn the secrets of jumping. This class is perfect for continuing students or the novice kiteboarder looking to enhance there riding ability and/or improve their current board riding or kite maneuvering skills.

In this session you will learn the 4 secrets to riding upwind and jumping. You will practice riding upwind & jumping with the instructor coaching you as you ride. You will learn proper body position and kite maneuvering to enhance you upwind and jumping ability for various wind conditions. You will also learn how to perform smooth switch stance or toe side turns without stopping.


Option to use your own equipment, or ours.

2 hours of Private Performance based Instruction.

Friendly, Fun & Knowledgeable Instructors.

Student discounts available on most equipment items we sell

$ 199




private lesson
semi-private lesson
2 hrs
kiteboarding experience necessary

Note: You can save $25 per hour if you use ALL your own equipment. Performance requirements apply.


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New Equipment Orientation Class

This class is a must for novice kite boarders with new kiteboarding gear, that want to get it adjusted for maximum, performance and safety, in Southern California conditions.

This class may also be used to learn how to handle your kite in light wind conditions.


This equipment orientation class shows you how to set up, adjust and test fly your new Kiteboarding kite.

You will also learn the tips and tricks that help you understand and therefore maximize on the performance and safety of your equipment.

You will also learn the various techniques and tips, mastered by the pros who ride and teach in the light winds.

$ 199




private lesson
semi-private lesson
2 hrs
no kiteboarding experience necessary

Note: This is a land based lesson only. You must provide all your own gear. Performance requirements apply.

You can also take a 1-hour class instead if you don't need the full two hours for Equipment Orientation.


Explore all of our Kiteboarding Lesson options

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The quickest way to get good at kiteboarding




Lessons Learned:

There are 2 things you learn, when you teach kiteboarding in light wind, for 17 years …

What Does, and what, Doesn’t work”.


What Works Best :

  •    Teach students how important it is to be great at flying the kite.
  •    Teach students how important it is to keep the kite flying, unless they want it down.
  •    Teach students how to calm the kite down vs, how to kill the kite.
  •    Teach students how to fly be feel and not rely on sight.
  •    Teach students how to fly the kite with one hand.
  •    Teach students how to save a kite from falling or crashing.
  •    Teach students the tricks to flying and kiting in light wind.
  •    Teach students how to be independent and self sufficient.
  •    Teach students what to practice with the kite that benefits them the most.
  •    Teach students how to balance and maintain proper body position when flying.
  •    Tech students how to Self Launch, Self Land, Self Rescue, with the kite.
  •    Teach students how to pick a safe kite launch, riding area, and exit point.


What Doesn’t Work:

  •    Putting students in the water before they learn to fly a kite well.
  •    Putting students in the water before they learn to fly one handed.
  •    Teaching students that letting the kite fall or crash is fine.
  •    Putting students in the water when the wind is to light to perform water skills.
  •    Selling students to big of a kite, for their own comfort level and or size.
  •    Telling students they are qualified for board skills, when they can’t even body drag.
  •    Telling students they don’t need to practice flying their kite.
  •    Teaching students that relaunching is the only option needed when kite is down.
  •    Failing to teach students how to self launch, self landing, and self rescue.
  •    Failing to provide students with a  helmet and lifejacket when teaching.
  •    Failing to teach students how to emergency de-power (kill) the kite.


Take your kiteboard / Kitesurf lessons with,, and Learn the fastest and safest way to kiteboard.  

IKO & PASA certified instruction. Teaching this sport since 1999.

After you take your lesson, ask us about the best equipment for you to continue in this exciting sport.

We Sell: Liquid Force / Cabrinha / Naish / Flysurfer / HQ  /  Nobile / Kiteboarding Equipment.


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How to purchase Kiteboarding Gear


Before you Buy Kite Gear:

If you want to BUY right, on the first try …. Contact: John at Manta Water Sports, in San Diego, California.

  •     Be safer learning.
  •     Spend less money.
  •     Get the right gear for you.
  •     Learn much faster.
  •     Be happy with your gear purchase
  •     Enlighten others.

Let his experience guide you through the surest way to purchase gear and get the proper training to ensure your success and safety in this incredible sport.


Tips to buying the right gear, on the first try:

  1.    Don’t Rush in … its better to buy smart.
  2.    Take lessons before you buy gear.
  3.     Make sure you get the right size.
  4.     Make sure you get the right models of gear, to match your skills, goals and budget.
  5.     Avoid USED gear … 75% of buyers regret their purchase.
  6.     Buy NEW gear , if you can … the new stuff works way better and is more durable than ever before.
  7.     Do not buy gear that is missing parts or needs repairs,
  8.     You have to fly the kite, to get good with it.  Take a lesson, then practice with it a lot.
  9.     Know how to, and practice, activating the kites emergency de-power system.
  10.     Don’t let friends sell you their old gear … unless its been inspected by your instructor first.


Top Brands of 2016 Kiteboarding Equipment:

Liquid Force:  Solo , Envy, Wow

Cabrinha: Switchblade, FX, Contra

Naish: Pivot, Park, Ride, Alana, Fly

HQ: Rush V Pro

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When & Why to buy Kiteboard Equipment ?

Buy it Today?


You might be ready to buy your kiteboarding equipment today.   Can you say, “YES” to the following questions?

  •     Do you really want to become a kiteboarder?
  •     Did you take a lesson from an experienced and certified kiteboarding instructor?
  •     Do you have a safe location to practice?
  •     Did your instructor teach you the following skills ?
    •     Assisted & Self Launching
    •     Assisted & Self Landing
    •     Emergency De-powerand
    •     Kite control

Key issues that effect your choice of kiteboarding equipment.

  •     What wind speeds will you practice and ride in?
  •     Will you be traveling to kiteboard or ride locally?
  •     Do you plan to own more than one kite?
  •     Do you plan to own more than one board?
  •     What style of riding appeals to you:  Free Ride / Wake Style / Waves / Foil Boards / Snow Kiting / Other?
  •     What is your buying style:  Big Spender / Budget Minded / Some where in between ?
  •     What is your mental and physical condition?

“You won’t get good with your kite if you don’t use it.  Get out and fly the kite as much as you can, in safe wind conditions, and learn to be the master of your kite”.  

You should master these skills, before you try to ride a board.

  •     You know how to select a safe launch and landing areas.
  •     You know how to maintain a safe distance away from other land and water users.
  •     You get so good at flying, that the kite never falls or crashes.
  •     You can fly the kite one handed and you don’t need to look at it.
  •     You are very comfortable flying your kite … no intimidation.
  •     You exhibit safe practices and you can easily perform and emergency de-power.
  •     You are independent and self sufficient, but know when to ask for assistance.

Consider taking an “Equipment Orientation” class to get you dialed into your new gear.


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Kiteboarding Season Has Started in San Diego

LF Envy grab 5

Yes, It’s that time of year … Kiteboarding Season !

From March through October is the busiest season to kiteboard in San Diego.

Sign up for your kiteboarding / Kitesurfing lessons today and be riding the wave of spring and summer winds.

Several Equipment packages are on sale this month!

Buy a full set of gear and ride , ride , ride.

Contact us right now , to book your kiteboard lesson with Manta Water Sports :

Call:   858-610-6000

Yes, we have student discounts available on selected gear items.


LF girl rally


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What’s Hot, What’s Not ?

LF Hyfy launch 1

What’s hot in kiteboarding ?

  •      Being open and friendly to everyone around you.
  •      Being safe as you set up, launch, ride and transition through other water users.
  •      Putting on a smile and treat others the way you want to be treated.
  •      Check your gear to make sure its safe and fully functional.
  •      Get your friends to take professional lessons , rather than teach them yourself.
  •      Spread the Bliss of the sport to those you meet.
  •      Being Humble.
  •      Demonstrating how fun and safe kiteboarding can be.

What’s not hot in Kiteboarding ?

  •      Being rude or grumpy to everyone around you.
  •      Being unsafe or selfish on and off the water.
  •      Talking trash about other riders or water users.
  •      Not maintaining your gear in a safe and fully functional state.
  •      Trying to teaching your friends and perspective date how to kiteboard.
  •      Launching and dragging, upwind of skilled riders, when you are learning.
  •      Putting your EGO ahead of the public good.
  •      Endangering others with your actions and equipment.
  •      Talking trash about other brands of kite gear.

What is the best way to Protect and Promote Kiteboarding in todays world ?

 BE the best version of  YOU, when you get out there and kite.