What is Safe Kite Control?

When you’re learning to kiteboard, most instructors tell you that kiteboarding is all about Kite Control.

Well they are right!

But what is KITE CONTROL all about.

  1. Your safety and success in this sport is directly tied to how well you fly the kite and keep control of the kite.
  2. You must seek out proper instruction from an experienced and safety conscious kiteboarding instructor.
  3. Your control of the kite must develop to the level of an advanced kite flyer.
  4. Your understanding of the kites safety systems and its limitations must become obvious to you.
  5. You will ultimately need to fly the kite by feel as well as, by sight, if you want to become advanced.
  6. You must be proficient at operating all the kites safety features.
  7. You must be experienced in flying your kite in a variety of wind conditions and not lose control of the kite.
  8. You must be able to chose the right kite size for the conditions you plan to ride and adapt your flying style to those conditions.
  9. You must know how to inspect the kite, control bar and safety components, for wear and tear and safe operation, before flying.
  10. You must fly the kite a lot in very Light Winds at first, to learn more safely what it can and can’t do, before flying it in stronger winds.
  11. You must become independent and self sufficient with the kite, but chose to use trained help when it is available.
  12. You must learn your personal limitations, to minimize your risk and the risk to others around you,  by making wise choices based on safety.
  13. You must remember, this is an Extreme sport, and mother nature can spank you sometimes.