How do you choose the right size Wing Surfing Gear?

Choosing the Right Size and type of Wing Surfing Equipment.

Always take a lesson in the area you intend to ride, before you purchase any equipment for this new Wind Sport.

Avoid buying orders models of equipment. This sport is evolving so fast that gear as little as 1 year old might actually be obsolete and a poor choice.

Learn with a larger board, most students perform best with boards that at 120-140 liters in volume. If you are unable to balance on the board while learning, you will get frustrated, fatigued, and at higher risk of injury.

Bottom line: Take the lesson first, then decide if the gear you used in the lesson was easy to use or difficult to use.

if it was easy, then you can go one size down on the WingFoil SUP board and use the wing size and foil size your local instructor suggest will be best for you success and safety.