What is Wing Surfing?

Wing Surfing / Wing Foiling / Wing Boarding,  are the Newest Action Wind Sport.

It’s growing faster than anyone ever imagined and it’s easier to learn than you think.  Its an offshoot of kiteboarding and windsurfing, but it’s easier to learn than either of those sports.

In a 2hr lesson, most students will be in the water most of the lesson time, and they will be up and riding, quicker than most other water sports.

Its great for all ages and doesn’t require lots of space nor strong winds. It can be done on lakes, rivers, oceans and bays. It can be done on land snow or water, depending the the board you choose to ride.

Reserve your Wing Surfing lesson with Manta Water Sports, in San Diego, and see how easy this sport is to jump into.

Manta Water Sports is the authorized Wing Surfing equipment dealer in San Diego.  We sell the following brands: North, Cabrinha, and Naish.