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What is the Best Foilboard to Buy?


2017 Liquid Force “Happy Foil” Review

2017 Happy Foil gets 5 stars

We tested the 2017 Happy Foil board w/ Happy foil set,  with our entry level rider, and here are Patrick’s words:

2o17 Happy Foil board and Foil Set:

I really did learned to get up and ride the foil board in just one day, using the 2017 Happy Foil.  I decided to maximize his success by installing Liquid Force’s optional “Low Aspect” front wing onto the Happy Foil fuselage for initial training.   The LF low aspect wing has a track record of making foil boarding easy.   The Happy Foils stock Medium Aspect wing would be used after I get the feel for foil boarding … this proved to be a great path to success.

Day 1: I set the foil mast to the rear position on the board, and used the 1.5 degree, rear wing trim plate. After 5 minutes of riding the board flat on the water, I was up and riding the foil for short distances, all within 15 minutes of water time. After about 30 minutes, I was able to ride longer distances and gently stop. By the end of my 1 hour session, I could ride in either direction for 3/4 of the length of the bay.    (Wind speed was 8-13mph with a 12m kite).

Day 2: I was dialed into getting up and riding in either direction for the full length of the bay, and able to go up wind and downwind with ease. Still working on making transitions.    (Wind speed was 8-14mph with 12m kite).

Day 3:  I switched to the Happy Foil’s stock “medium aspect” wing on the fuselage, and had no trouble getting up and riding the foil. Able to go much faster and perform carving upwind and downwind turns.  Still working on making complete transitions.    (Wind Speed was 7-12mph with a 12m kite).

Summary: The Liquid Force Happy Foil was the easiest, and most adaptable foil, we have ever tested … We give it a 5 star rating!

If you want a foil board and foil set that you will be hard pressed to outgrow , and a foil set that could last you a lifetime without worry … get the 2017  Liquid Force Happy Foil from Manta Water Sports, and feel the freedom to expand this system with your desires.

Optional Accessories:  Low Aspect Wing / High Aspect wing / Carbon Fuselage / Short Masts / Trim plates / Board options.

Get  your 2017 Liquid Force Happy Foil Today.

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Split Travel Kite Boards

Split travel boards are the ideal board for the on the move kiteboarder.




Manta Wind & Water Sports has determined that the best boards for your money, are the Nobile NHP Split, and the Flysurfer M.  These boards have the stongest and most durable connection of all the designs out there. No other board assembles to easily, nor does any other board deliver the high performance riding ability as the Nobile NHP Split or the Flysurfer M split board.

These boards are such nice riding boards that you can select one of them as your primary board for everyday riding as well as the small travel size they offer when you split them in half.


Order your Splitboard today at :


Separa-NHP-SplitNobile NHP Split comes in 134cm or 138cm long boards

The colors have just changed for 2016.  contact us for best pricing and to place your order.





FlySplitM-250x235Flysurfer Split M kiteboard

Contact us for best pricing and to place your order.

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Light wind Kiteboarding

Make the most of your light wind kite.


If you think it just takes a light wind specific kite to ride in light winds … you have a rude awakening.  The truth is … It takes light wind specific flying skills in conjunction with the light wind specific kite to succeed in really light wind. My comments are based on years of riding and teaching others to ride in light winds, successfully.

Lets start out by defining what light wind speeds really are. If you ask most people what light wind is , you get a spectrum of opinions: 12-15 knots / 10-15mph / 8- 13mph / 18-25 Kph /etc, etc. San Diego is a well known and undisputed, light wind kiteboarding environment. San Diego’s average wind speeds in the Summer are 8-14 mph, and we ride and stay upwind in those conditions.

If a manufacturer wants to test a true light wind kite … they should bring it San Diego in the summer and run it through all the tests: /Launching / Re-Launching / Stability / Back Stall / Upwind Drive / Low End Pull / Safety Systems / Self Landing / User Friendly / Durability / Turning Rate.   If you want to ride in the lightest winds, you do want a kite that has proven is ability to excel in San Diego’s light wind conditions and become a light wind master of that kite.

Its very common for experience riders to have difficulty riding in the light winds of SD. The reason for this is there lack of skills needed to survive the light wind conditions. We have refined the flying techniques and tricks to handle the lightest wind conditions and keep ourselves riding and the kite flying.

If you want to learn those light wind flying skills and learn how to adjust and tune your kite to flying the lightest winds , even if its not a light wind specific kite … contact us to reserve a Light wind skills lesson.

Here are some of the most popular Light Wind Kites that actually excel in light wind conditions;  Liquid Force: Solo / Naish: Trip / Cabrinha: Contra / Nobile: Mr Big.

If you have any questions on what kites and boards help you ride in the lightest possible winds … just email me.

John Arthur – Chief Instructor at Manta Wind & Water Sports, San Diego, CA, USA

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Buy the right size of Kite.

Kite size does matter !


Simply put, take your kiteboarding lesson first!  Your kiteboarding instructor with show you how the kite works, and what you should be practicing. You will get to fly the kite/s and see for yourself if you can handle the kite and you may even get to try the kite you plan to purchase before you lay money down.  When you lesson is finished, ask your instructor,” What is the ideal kite size and model for me to learn and grow into ?”

It’s in your best interest and safety, if you buy the right size and model of kite to match your size, wind conditions and skill level.  Doing so will aid your learning, and provide you with enough power to ride the most number of days per year. This means you will become a kiteboarder safer and quicker.

Avoid buying a kite gear before you take lessons. The students that take this route, end up regretting their purchase, and in the end, they learn slower, or not at all.  Get the right thing on the first try and become the kiteboarder you want to be, quicker and safer.

If  you insist on getting gear without the input of your instructor … What model of kite should i get?   We suggest you purchase the “All Terrain” model kite.  All the manufacturers offer such a kite.  You want a kite that “Does it All”.  These kites help you progress into the sport, but you never outgrow them … even after years of use.

Examples of such kites:

If you purchase a kiteboarding kite and you are not familiar with the kites safety system or you are unsure about any of it … then take an equipment orientation lesson with a certified and experienced instructor to teach you how it works and what it can do for you to aid your learning.

Feel Free to contact me with any Equipment Questions

John Arthur

Chief Instructor –


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Light Wind Kites

What is best Light Wind kiteboarding kite !


Is the Liquid Force SOLO the light wind champ ?

In our humble opinion … Yes!  The brand new, Liquid Force “SOLO” 17.5 meter kite is the light wind king of kiteboarding.

The 2016 LF Solo 17.5m kite is the purest form of Power, Simplicity, and Fun, in one kite package.  This brand new breed of kite can stay in the sky when other Light Wind kites can’t.

It has been able to take off and pull us, even when other kites barley can take off.  The Solo is so smooth and quick … it will get you riding and keep you riding when other riders give up and go home.

Don’t let this light wind beast fool you … it is really quick and it bolts upwind with ease.  Great for beginners to expert riders who want to kite more days.

If you are a big rider … the SOLO 15.5m – 17.5m kites are your ticket to kiteboarding in light to moderate winds.

San Diego , California is the light wind proving grounds for kiteboarding, and the newly released Solo 17.5m kite is the light wind champ.

Manta Wind & Water Sports in San Diego has stock on a Solo kite to fit your needs.

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Split Kiteboards … what’s the take ?

Split boards have been out for several year in some form or another.  Until recently , they were custom made to order and they were very expensive. In the last two years, technology and materials have dramatically improved and now the Splitboards are incredible! They ride great, they are super strong, they are light weight, they assemble in seconds, they look great.  You have to try it to believe it.  Get yours today.

The two most popular designs available, are using the highest quality production techniques, materials and are built to last. These new designs assemble with little or not tools in seconds and they ride great.

After lots of evaluation, we have decided to carry the following 2 brands of Split boards:

Nobile -NHP Split   …. $1199










FlySurfer -FlySplit “M” … $1099


Both of these boards assemble in seconds and they ride like any other high performance board. The weight of these boards is so light , you can’t tell its a split board. The durability of these boards is as strong as most other one piece boards.

Our experience with the, FlySurfer and Nobile, split boards leads us to suggest,  they can even be chosen as your only kiteboard, for beginners to advanced riders alike.

If you travel a lot and/or you don’t want to break the bank buying multiple boards, or pay extra airline charges for oversized bags … then consider getting one of these Split Kiteboards.

Manta stocks and sells the following split boards.

Nobile NHP Split in the 138cm and the 134cm sizing … complete with footstraps and fin set for only … $1199

FlySurfer FlySplit “M” in the 134cm sizing … complete with footstraps and fin set for only … $1099

We also carry the Nobile Split board travel bag … to hold you split board, kite, harness & control bar … $179


Feel free to contact us with questions.

Thank you ,

John Arthur – Manta Wind & Water Sports


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Split kiteboards for Travel

Looking for an easy to pack kiteboard that won’t let you down?

Take advantage of the newest boards designed to pack small for convenient travel.  Fly Split “M” and  the Nobile “NHP Split” kiteboards.  Both boards are extremely well constructed and do they ride great.

These boards are designed to fit inside a large “checked bag” or suit case and they really do go together in seconds.

I ride both types of  boards in light wind and in strong wind conditions as well as surf.  They excel in performance and comfort.  They are well worth the extra cost due to the high tech construction that lets them feel and ride like a one piece board.

Get your Split kiteboards today.

Check out our selection: