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Kiteboard Lessons … Safety First

Kite boarding is an EXTREME Sport! Would you learn to skydive with an uncertified instructor? No you wouldn’t … So don’t learn to kiteboard with anything less than Certified and Experienced  instruction. How do you know your getting a SAFE and productive kiteboarding lesson? Do’s & Don’ts : Kiteboard Lessons The Do’s Make sure your […]

The quickest way to get good at kiteboarding

    Lessons Learned: There are 2 things you learn, when you teach kiteboarding in light wind, for 17 years … “What Does, and what, Doesn’t work”.   What Works Best :    Teach students how important it is to be great at flying the kite.    Teach students how important it is to keep the kite flying, […]

How to purchase Kiteboarding Gear

Before you Buy Kite Gear: If you want to BUY right, on the first try …. Contact: John at Manta Water Sports, in San Diego, California.     Be safer learning.     Spend less money.     Get the right gear for you.     Learn much faster.     Be happy with your gear purchase     Enlighten others. […]

When & Why to buy Kiteboard Equipment ?

Buy it Today? You might be ready to buy your kiteboarding equipment today.   Can you say, “YES” to the following questions?     Do you really want to become a kiteboarder?     Did you take a lesson from an experienced and certified kiteboarding instructor?     Do you have a safe location to practice?     […]

Kiteboarding Season Has Started in San Diego

Yes, It’s that time of year … Kiteboarding Season ! From March through October is the busiest season to kiteboard in San Diego. Sign up for your kiteboarding / Kitesurfing lessons today and be riding the wave of spring and summer winds. Several Equipment packages are on sale this month! Buy a full set of […]