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Kiteboarding Sites in San Diego

Where to to kiteboard in San Diego ? #1  Kite Beach – “Enchanted Cove” Please help us keep our access to kiteboarding in San Diego.    Be the best example of kiteboarding to everyone you encounter.  Beginners to Advanced kite boarders will enjoy Enchanted Cove, on Fiesta Island, San Diego 92109.  All lessons and kiteboard training in San Diego are performed here. Enchanted […]

Kiteboarding Vacation in the Cook Islands

We just got back from a wonderful trip to the Cook Islands.  We arrived in Rarotonga for 3 days of adventure and kiteboarding. It is such and amazing place. Our hotel was perfectly located for multiple adventures. Snorkeling, SUP, Beach walk, Lagoon tour, Sunbath, Beverages, Kiteboarding, Sailing, island hiking and more. We hooked up with the local kite […]