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Learn about Kiteboarding Lessons and Kiteboarding in San Diego.

Initial start up costs are comparable to most action sports … but after that, wind is free. Before or after you buy equipment, get proper training. Proper training will include equipment evaluations and suggestions. Your certified kiteboarding instructor can guide you in the right direction to select the proper size and style for your individual needs. Special student discounts on equipment can be obtained through, With the “student discount”, you could save as much as 40% off normal retail prices.

No. However, you do need to be in good physical condition. Always consult with your doctor before beginning activities that have the potential to be physically demanding. Always wear and utilize the proper safety equipment. When done properly, kiteboarding does not require strength.

Like other action sports, there is an inherent danger to you and others around you if the proper safety systems, equipment, training, and techniques are not fully utilized. You should seek out certified, experienced, and professional kite board instruction. Always use the proper safety equipment, and techniques. for your conditions and environment. Always exercise good judgment, and know your limitations. Manta Water Sports provides you with the required safety equipment and warnings during our lesson programs.

No and Yes … you can not rent the Kite, but you can rent a Board. Yes, we do provide use of equipment during most of our lesson packages. If you want to practice using kiteboarding equipment, it’s always best if you buy your own, and become familiar with that equipment. Avoid using unfamiliar gear or obsolete safety systems. You should initially practice under the direct supervision of a, certified and highly experienced kiteboarding instructor. This will provide a much safer and more productive kiteboarding experience.

Kiteboarding and KiteSurfing are the same sport. Foil Kiting is kiteboarding with a hydrofoil board. Landboarding and Snowkiting are just kiteboarding on land or snow. Kiteboarding uses TwinTip boards, Directional Boards, and HydroFoil Boards. Snowkiting uses Snowboards or Snowskis. Landboarding uses , Mountain boards. Remember, that land is a lot harder than water… so, the proper instruction, safety precautions and protective equipment are required. Manta also offers landboarding instruction … just request that special type of lesson when you contact us.

Based on the thousands of students taught. It takes an average student with little or no experience approx. 4-6 hours of professional instruction with ideal wind and water conditions to learn the basics. It then takes about 10hrs of individual practice in light winds to develop the feel and coordination to ride consistently. Your instructors primary concern is your safety and enjoyment. Your primary concern should be the same. Please understand that this sports is 90% kite flying skill and only 10% board riding skill. Take the time to learn the kite and riding will be easy. Good instruction will teach you up to 40 times faster and gives you the proper techniques to be safe and independent.

If you consult with our head instructor and schedule a kiteboard lesson, you can purchase the proper gear prior to your lessons, but do not attempt to fly it prior to the lesson. The only kite we recommend purchasing, if you can't take lessons, is a kiteboarding specific Training Kite. Warning: Large kites can be extremely dangerous in the hands of untrained, or unsupervised individuals. Strong winds make the kites exponetially more dangerous. Your certified instructor will evaluate your skills, abilities, and goals, as you progress through the class. He will advise you on the kite and board sizes best suited for you, and the conditions you plan to ride in. If you want to get a head start and practice some essential skills on your own … purchase a high quality 3 meter size training kite through our web site: Trainer Kite.

As long as you seek out and obtain the proper instruction, utilize the proper equipment and of course, get permission, you can Kiteboard in the water, on the snow and on land. The sport is growing so fast … the possibilities are limitless. The kite equipment that Manta Water Sports sells, is perfect for kite boarding, kitesurfing, hydro-foiling, land boarding, and snow kiting.

Yes. Please Email us at: or call us at: 858-610-6000, to consult with our head Instructor ( John Arthur ). He will help you determine which lesson program is best suited to our abilities and goals. We do teach all year and most days of the week.

Depending on your size and the equipment you select. Kiteboarding is being performed by beginners in as little as 5mph on land and 7mph on water with a hydro-foil board. It’s best to keep all your initial training activities, and riding skills, to winds less than 15mph. As your skills improve and your experience grows, you may be skilled enough to kiteboard in winds somewhat higher than that. Wind speed is a major factor in the save handling and control of the kite. Learn and train in slower winds speeds for added safety.

Here are 6 of the most obvious reasons you should take lessons from a professional instructor. - Safety … certified and experienced instructors are required to teach essential skill sets and to follow approved safety standards. They are accountable for their actions, or lose there certification. The best instructors have been teaching for more than 5 years. It takes at least that long to get good at teaching kiteboarding. - Save Money … You will need fewer kiteboard lessons overall, and you will use the schools equipment, to learn the basic skills, before you buy your own. - Save time … with proper instruction, you will learn up to 40 times faster. Our instructors show you the fastest way to Kiteboard safely. Proper instruction produces results. If you’re not learning the skills quickly … you might not have the “right” instructor. - Knowledge… Our instructors know the best techniques and the most common errors that beginners make. It takes years of teaching this sport to develop the knowledge and wisdom to teach kiteboarding in the most practical and safe way. John Arthur has been teaching this full time for over 18 years. Rookie instructors or friends are not a safe, or practical choice. You deserve the the safest and most productive lesson, don’t settle for less. - Equipment…. you get to use the most advanced, and safest equipment, in the proper sizing , during your lesson. Manta teaches with numerous kite sizes. We use kites as 3 meter, all the way up to 19m, if needed. This allows you to learn the sport with the proper size kite for your comfort, and skill level, in any wind condition. Inferior kite schools only have one or two kite sizes available for your training. - Positive Experience…. Our instructors are concerned with your safety and enjoyment. You will have fun and learn in a safe and nurturing environment. Most of all, you will learn faster and safer than with anyone else.

Yes …We sell Kiteboard Lesson Gift Certificates. Choose from 2 hour or 4hr lessons. Ready to buy a gift certificate ? You can purchase a Lesson gift certificate by clicking here.

The simple answer is ... It's Possible. All of our lessons are performance based. That means: if you/your group learns the skills quickly and safely … Yes, you may get to board riding skills in a 4 hr lesson. Group lessons are sharing the time and do not always progress as quickly as private lessons. The current record for a private lesson beginner to learn land skills, water skills, and ride a board is 3.5hrs We teach as fast as you/your group can safely perform the skills. Take the lesson an see how fast you can learn.

Manta Water Sports is San Diego’s “Only” experienced, licensed and insured kiteboarding school and authorized equipment dealer. All our lessons are taught by, John Arthur, the founder of Manta Water Sports. John is a PASA certified kiteboarding instructor. He is one of the most experienced kiteboard instructor in the nation. He is passionate about turning you into a kiteboarder, faster and much safer than anyone else can, while keeping a smile on your face. John Arthur started teaching this sport in 1999. He wrote the book on how to learn to kiteboard in San Diego and Light Winds. His mission is to show you the safest, and most enjoyable, path into this exciting sport. If you want to learn the secrets on how to kiteboarding quicker and safer than anywhere else … sign up and take your lesson with John Arthur, at Manta Water Sports, in San Diego.

Where to Kiteboard and Wingsurf in San Diego

San Diego has several locations that are designated as Novice level, Beginner level, Intermediate level, High Intermediate level, and Advanced level riding areas.

We have put together an easy-to-use guide to determine your skill level should you attempt to ride in San Diego specific kiteboarding and wingsurfing areas.

Check your skill level and see what is the ideal San Diego kiteboarding and wingsurfing location for you.

Kiteboarding and Wingsurfing in San Diego


MANTA provides use of the following Wing Surfing equipment items during selected lesson programs:

  • Wing, Board, Hydrofoil Foil, and Training Foil - (included)
  • Helmet for water skills - (included)
  • Leashes for wing and board - (included)
  • Booties for water skills - (included)
  • Wetsuit  -  (for Rent:  $15 each)
  • Impact vest for water skills - (included)

Directions to the Training Site

All lessons are held on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, San Diego 92109.

  • Discover Kiteboarding lessons are located at the North West Corner of Enchanted Cove, on Fiesta Island.
  • Discover Wing Surfing lessons are located at the South West Corner of Enchanted Cove, on Fiesta Island.
  • Beyond Basics Kiteboard lessons are located at the South West Corner of Enchanted Cove, on Fiesta Island.

Discover Kiteboarding Lesson Site

Beyond Basics Kiteboarding & Discover Wing Surfing Lessons Site