Beyond Basics Kiteboarding Class

The 2hr Beyond Basics Kiteboarding Class is perfect for anyone with previous kiteboarding experience, who would like to practice more, or master certain skills, smoother board riding, riding upwind, jumping, light wind style, self rescue techniques, and more.

Previous kiteboarding experience is necessary. Minimum age is 12 years. Semi-private lessons require both riders to be of the same skill level, and sign up together. Students must demonstrate safe control of the kite, and prerequisite skills, before attempting any water skills.

Fiesta Island, San Diego
2 hour lesson
Private or semi-private
Previous kiteboarding experience required
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And master your kiteboarding skills!


This 2hr class is perfect for persons who want to take their current Water Skills to the next level.  Simply put ... Show us what you know, and we'll teach you what you still need to learn.

The Beyond Basics Kiteboarding Class utilizes our Performance Based Instruction System, and we provide all the required gear, including optional items, like a wet suit or radio helmet.

It's designed for an individual, or couple of the same skill level, wishing improve or master their current water skills level. The lesson is taught at the students pace and skill level. It's also a good choice for the intermediate kiters looking to refresh old skills or improve in specific areas of safety, riding or jumping.

This lesson lets you work more specifically on skills you need rather than follow a structured lesson plan.  You will have to demonstrate the prerequisite skill level and safety at start of the lesson.

Master more skills quickly and safely with the safest and most experienced kiteboard school in all of Southern California -- MANTA Wind & Water Sports.

You will be trained by the most experienced kiteboarding instructor in all of California, John Arthur. He is the only IKO and PASA certified instructor in all of San Diego and he knows how to teach you what you need to know and how to become a real kiteboarder faster and safer than anyone.

Previous experience is necessary. You must qualify for this lesson by safely demonstrating all prerequisite skills to your Manta Water Sports instructor at the start of the lesson. Minimum age is 12 years.

Beyond Basics Kiteboarding Lesson Includes:

    Use of the kiteboarding and safety gear, including radio helmets, if requested. Wetsuits are available for rent.

   Professional Instruction custom tailored to your needs.

    Friendly, Fun & Knowledgeable Instructor.

   Tips & Tricks: Secrets that help you learn faster.

    Student Discounts on the equipment items we sell.

Kiteboard Instructor

John Arthur

John Arthur is San Diego’s only IKO & PASA certified kiteboading instructor. He founded Manta Water Sports, and started teaching kiteboarding in1999. He has maintained a 100% safety record the entire time. John has an undeniable passion for teaching than shows in all his lesson programs. His 17+ years of teaching experience are exemplified in all his lesson programs. John teaches beginner to advanced level kiteboard lessons all year and he knows how to get you to ride. Best of all, he continues to offer free training tips and advise to all his students, beyond their initial lesson.

Kiteboarding Basics
Kiteboarding Advanced
Kiteboard Equipment
private lessons
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This lesson lets you work more specifically on skills you need, rather than follow a structured lesson program. There are many skills you can master with this lesson, for example: Smooth Water Starts, Fluid Transitions, Toe side riding, Upwind Riding, Jumping, Back Rolls, Front Rolls, Tantrums, Rally's, S-Bends, Kite loops, Hydro Foiling, and more.

This session teaches you the 4 most common mistakes beginners make when try to water start. You will also learn bonus tips to let you ride in light winds. You will practice the water starts, Board riding and speed control while maintaining proper balance and board position for efficient riding.
This session teaches you how to stop yourself and control your speed using the kite and board. You will also learn how to plan for, and perform smooth turns, that keep you safe, in control and styling.
If you are an intermediate, or higher level kiteboarder, you are ready to learn to Foil Board. The newest Foil boards can ride in as little as 7mph and easily stay up wind. Add foil boarding lessons to your skill set. Manta Wind & Water Sports, now offers beginner foil board lessons and rentals, to intermediate level kiteboarders and higher. Take our 2hr private foil boarding lesson first, then rent or purchase your foil board from us and you’ll be riding in a few sessions. Note: You must be proficient at kite control, board transitions, basic jumps, and self rescue before taking this lesson. Your body dragging skills must also be top notch, to handle this lesson. Be prepared to spend several minutes just getting used to how the board is handled on land and in the water before you attempt your first ride. Foil kiteboarding is not as intuitive as it looks … but its also not hard to learn. We use the newest and easiest to ride hydrofoil system on the market to get you up and riding faster and with less frustration that possible with other systems. Manta’s Foil board lesson does offer you the basics in handling , safety and successful riding. Then you can make an informed decision if this is for you before you drop the funds purchase your own foil board set. We can provide all the gear during the lesson, however, it is suggested that you use as much of your own equipment, since those items are a factor in your overall comfort and performance. Warning: The hydrofoil system does contain sharp and ridged edges. This poses a higher risk of injury to you and others. By taking this lesson , you agree to accept these added risks and liabilities. And Yes … We can provide the Foil board during the lesson !
In this session you will learn the 4 secrets to riding upwind and jumping. You will practice riding upwind and jumping, with the instructor coaching you as you ride. You will learn proper body position and kite maneuvering to enhance you upwind and jumping ability for various wind conditions. You will also learn how to perform smooth switch stance or toe side turns without stopping. You will master riding the board upwind like the pros, even in lighter winds. If you are riding upwind and are ready to turn Kiteboarding into an addiction, you are ready to learn the secrets of jumping. Perfect for continuing students or the novice kiteboarder looking to enhance there riding ability and/or improve their current board riding or kite maneuvering skills.
A MUST for any beginning or intermediate level kiteboarder who wants to learn the special techniques used to succeed in light wind environments. Kiteboarders that come from stronger wind environments will find the techniques they were taught, won’t work in light wind conditions. Novice kiteboarders who are frustrated with learning to ride will benefit from this class as well. We wrote the book on light wind kiteboarding …. we call it “Light Wind Style”. We have been teaching in light winds for over 14 years, we know what it takes to Ride, Jump and Stay upwind when others can’t. This is a one hour “land based” lesson that will teach you “Light Wind Style” and theory. All of these techniques are presented and practiced on land, so you can later succeed in the water. We highly recommend you bring your own kiteboarding equipment and harness to this lesson. We want you to learn these skills with your equipment to gain the most benefit. Skills offered in this Light Wind Style Lesson: - Self Launching - Reverse Launching - Keeping the kite Flying - One handed flying - Saving the Kite - Water Re-launch - Self Landing - Flying by feel - Get Up and Keep going

These skills will put you Way Ahead of other students with the same amount of training from other schools!


$ 199


2-hour BEYOND BASICS KITEBOARDING class with 1 student with previous kiteboarding experience they want to take to the next level on


Best Seller
private lesson
2 hrs
$ 149


2-hour BEYOND BASICS KITEBOARDING class with 2 students from the same skill level that sign up together


semi-private lesson
2 hrs


MANTA provides use of the following Kiteboarding equipment items during selected lesson programs:

Kite system, for land and water skills - (included)

Helmet or Radio helmet - (included)
Harness, for land and water skills - (included)

Booties, for water skills - (included)

Wetsuit, for water skills - (for Rent: $15 each)

Impact vest, for water skills - (included)

Kiteboard, for water skills - (included)

Directions to the Kiteboard Site

All lessons are held on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, San Diego. We meet at the Northwest side of Enchanted Cove, approximately ½ mile down Fiesta Island Road.