2021 Cabrinha Stylus Kiteboard


The Cabrinha Stylus 165cm board is the answer to light wind riding for kiters who want to ride even more days per year. This board is a light wind riding champion. Your friends will be jealous when they see you riding when they can’t. It’s also the perfect board for heavy riders.




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The 2018 Cabrinha “STYLUS” is a light wind twin tip kiteboard, for all levels of kiters who want Cabrinha’s best light wind twin tip kiteboard.

This board will give you the light wind edge and allow you to ride when the winds are to light for most kiters. Be the first one in and the last one out, with its ability to get you going sooner and keep you going when the winds get lighter.

The Stylus is a perfect fit for those riders over 200 lbs who have trouble getting themselves up on plane or struggle to go upwind.

Yes, the STYLUS is longer and wider than most twin tip boards, for easy water starts and easy upwind riding in the lightest of wind conditions. It comes complete with fins.

We suggest you match the Stylus kiteboard with Cabrinha’s H1 footstraps for ideal performance and compatibility. We also suggest you match the Stylus to Cabrinha Contra series of light wind kites.

Size:  165 cm