We continue to offer this class during Covid-19. All students must show proof of full Covid-19 vaccination, or wear a Covid 19 approved Face mask when performing land skills training.

DO NOT PREPAY for lesson until unless we specifically request prepayment.

To Request a 2hr Beyond Basics Kiteboard Lesson:  CLICK HERE.



The Beyond Basics Kiteboarding Lesson, is Water Skills Lesson.

It’s for students who are qualified for Water Skills by completing all required land skills and are ready take it to the water.

Its also great for kiters who want to master certain skills like:  Water Starts, Self Launches, Self Landings,  Transitions, Upwind riding, Jumps, light wind style, Back Rolls, Front Rolls, Raleys, S-Bends, Etc.

Previous kiteboarding experience is required. Students must qualify for this lesson by safely demonstrating all prerequisite land skills at the beginning of the lesson, and prior to any water training.

Minimum age is 12 years. Minors must have a parent in attendance for this lesson.

Semi-private lessons require both riders to be the same skill level and sign up together.

How To Sign Up

  1. Please Contact us  Before making a payment, in order to confirm you are reserving the correct lesson for your needs and to confirm available dates and times. Refunds of Unauthorized prepayments will be charged a 3% cancelation fee.
  2. Select the appropriate class, the number of people attending it, and whether you want to Pay the Deposit or Pay in Full.
  3. Make sure you list the students first and last name, age, height, weight, shoe size, and contact cell# in the comments section at time of checkout, then checkout and pay for the class online.


Lesson Info & Terms

A Private Lesson is a class with 1 student.  A Semi-Private Lesson is a class with 2 students who sign up together.  Group lessons are with  3 or 4 students who sign up together.

The total lesson cost is based on the number of students reserved for the lesson.

Any unpaid balances on lesson cost, is due when the lesson starts.

The students agrees to come on time and attend the lesson as scheduled, unless the Manta Water Sports instructor contacts ahead of time, to say otherwise.

If a student arrives more than 10 minutes late, or fails to attend the scheduled lesson, the instructor reserves the right to cancel the lesson and depart, and all payments will be fully earned and non-refundable.

The student must give a minimum 48 hr prior written notice to Manta Water Sports (via email), in order to request any changes to their scheduled lesson. Requests made less than 48 hours prior to lesson start time will not be accepted.


Have any questions about the lesson or not sure what lesson to book?