We continue to offer this class during Covid-19.

All students must show proof of full Covid-19 vaccination, or wear a Covid 19 approved Face mask during land training skills.

DO NOT PREPAY – Unless we specifically request prepayment from you.

To REQUEST a Wing Foil Surfing Lesson Reservation:  CLICK HERE.




This 2 hour private, semi private, or group, Wing Foil Surfing lesson, is perfect for those people looking to get started with the essential Wing Foil Surfing skills and safety techniques needed to get them moving forward on their own, in this new sport also known as: Wing Boarding, Wing Foiling, Wing Skiing, Wing SUP, or Winging.  This 2hr introductory lesson is ideal for those that want to learn the fundamentals of how the WING works on land and in the water with a Wing foil board,  so they can buy the right equipment and progress on their own after the lesson.  It’s time to Discover the world of Wing Foil Surfing.

The Discover Wing Surfing – 2 hour lesson uses our Performance Based Instruction System to get you up and riding quicker and safer. Manta provides all the Wing Surfing gear during the lesson. You’ll have the lesson time to learn as many wing surfing skills on land and water as you can safely perform. If you learn the fundamental skills quickly you could be riding out and back in as little as one lesson. If you feel confident after your first lesson, then it’s time to get your own gear and practice on your own for a few days, then come back for another lesson, so. you can take it to the next level, or to fix any issues you may still have.

Yes, Manta Water Sports is San Diego’s authorized Wing Foil Surfing Equipment dealer for the top brands of Wing Foil Surfing equipment, (Cabrinha, Naish, and North).  We take special care of our students who buy equipment from us, with free trouble shooting tips, equipment advice, and discounts when available.

In the 2hr Discover Wing Foil Surfing lesson you will introduced to what it takes to learn Wing Boarding or Wing Foil Surfing quicker and safer, allowing you to get out on your own much sooner.

How To Sign Up

  • Please Contact us first, via email,  in order to confirm you are requesting the correct lesson and to confirm the lesson date and time is available. Do NOT prepay unless we authorize you to do so.  Payments made without our request for prepayment, will be subject to a 3% cancelation fee.
  • You must provide the following info for each student:
  • (Name / Height / Weight / Shoe size / Age / Contact cell#)
  • We will set up and confirm the reservation via email and send you the Lesson waivers and releases via email to print out , fill out for each person, then bring them to the lesson with you.
  • Payment must be made at the beginning of your reserved lesson.

Skills offered in the Discover Wing Surfing Lesson:

  • Equipment selection and set up.
  • Land Skills
  • Water Skills
  • Self Rescue
  • Equipment pack down and maintenance

No experience necessary. Minimum age is 12 years. Maximum of 4 students.

Discover Wing Foil Surfing Lesson Includes:

  •  Complete set of Wing Foil Surfing equipment – Wing,  SUP Foil Board, Impact vest, Trainer Foil, and Hydrofoil.
  •  Friendly and Fun instruction.
  •  Learn as many skills as you can safely perform in the lesson time

    Lesson Info & Terms:

    A Private Lesson is a class with 1 student. A Semi-Private Lesson is a class with 2 students who sign up together. A group-3 lesson is a class with 3 family or friends that sign up together. A group-4 lesson is a class with 4 family or friends that sign up together. Note: we do not put strangers together during covid 19 condition.

    The lesson cost is based on the number of students reserved for  the lesson.

    All students agree to attend the lesson on time and as scheduled, unless the Manta Water Sports instructor contacts you ahead of time, to say otherwise.

    If the student arrives more than 10 minutes late, or fails to attend the scheduled lesson,  the instructor reserves the right to cancel the lesson and depart, and the lesson payment will be due, fully earned, and non-refundable.

    The student must give a minimum 48 hour prior written notice to Manta Water Sports (via email), in order to request any changes to their scheduled lesson. Requests submitted less than 48hr prior to lesson start time will not be accepted.


    Manta Water Sports :  858-610-6000