The quickest way to get good at kiteboarding




Lessons Learned:

There are 2 things you learn, when you teach kiteboarding in light wind, for 17 years …

What Does, and what, Doesn’t work”.


What Works Best :

  •    Teach students how important it is to be great at flying the kite.
  •    Teach students how important it is to keep the kite flying, unless they want it down.
  •    Teach students how to calm the kite down vs, how to kill the kite.
  •    Teach students how to fly be feel and not rely on sight.
  •    Teach students how to fly the kite with one hand.
  •    Teach students how to save a kite from falling or crashing.
  •    Teach students the tricks to flying and kiting in light wind.
  •    Teach students how to be independent and self sufficient.
  •    Teach students what to practice with the kite that benefits them the most.
  •    Teach students how to balance and maintain proper body position when flying.
  •    Tech students how to Self Launch, Self Land, Self Rescue, with the kite.
  •    Teach students how to pick a safe kite launch, riding area, and exit point.


What Doesn’t Work:

  •    Putting students in the water before they learn to fly a kite well.
  •    Putting students in the water before they learn to fly one handed.
  •    Teaching students that letting the kite fall or crash is fine.
  •    Putting students in the water when the wind is to light to perform water skills.
  •    Selling students to big of a kite, for their own comfort level and or size.
  •    Telling students they are qualified for board skills, when they can’t even body drag.
  •    Telling students they don’t need to practice flying their kite.
  •    Teaching students that relaunching is the only option needed when kite is down.
  •    Failing to teach students how to self launch, self landing, and self rescue.
  •    Failing to provide students with a  helmet and lifejacket when teaching.
  •    Failing to teach students how to emergency de-power (kill) the kite.


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