Discover Wing Surfing: 2 hr Lesson

The 2 hour Discover Wing Surfing Lesson is the perfect lesson for an individual , family or friends, with no previous experience, who wish to learn the fundamental skills that lead to safe and self sufficient at, wing surfing, wing foiling, wing boarding.

This class is a great choice if you want to get started in Wing Surfing / Wing Foiling / Wing Boarding.

No experience necessary. Minimum age is 12 years. Maximum of 4 students.

Fiesta Island, San Diego
2 hours entry level lesson
Private, Semi-private, Group-3, Group-4
No previous experience required
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This 2 hour private, semi private or group, beginner lesson is perfect for those people looking to get started with the essential Wing Surfing skills and safety techniques needed to get them moving forward in this new sport called, WING SURFING  / Wing Boarding / Wing Foiling / Winging / Wing SUP.

This 2hr introductory lesson is ideal for those that want to learn the fundamentals of how WING Surfing works, by practicing on land and water,  so they can purchase the right size and type of Wing surfing equipment and progress on their own in as little as one lesson. It's time to Discover the world of Wing Surfing, Wing Boarding, Wing Foiling.

The Discover Wing Surfing - 2 hour lesson uses our Performance Based Instruction System, to get you up and riding quicker and safer. Manta provides all the Wing Surfing gear during the lesson. You’ll have the lesson time to learn as many wing surfing skills on land and water as you can safely perform.

If you learn the fundamental skills quickly you will be riding out and back in as little as one lesson. If you feel confident after your first lesson, then it's time to get your own gear and practice on your own for a few days, then come back for another Wing Surfing Lesson, and take it to the next level or to fix any issues you may still have.

Yes, Manta is the authorized Wing Surfing Equipment dealer for the top brands of Wing Surfing equipment, (Cabrinha/Naish/North).  We take special care of our students who buy equipment from us, with free trouble shooting tips, equipment advice, and discounts when ever available.

You will be shown what it takes to learn wingsurfing quicker and safer, from the most experienced kiteboarding instructor in California, John Arthur. He is the only IKO and PASA certified kiteboarding instructor in San Diego, and he knows how to teach you what you need to know to become a independent and self sufficient, WingSurfer / WingFoiler / WingBoarder.

In the 2hr Discover Wing Surfing lesson You will be shown what it takes to learn Wing Surfing quicker and safer, allowing you to go out on your own in as little as 1 lesson.

No experience necessary. Minimum age is 12 years. Maximum of 4 students.

Skills offered in the Discover Wing Surfing Lesson:

Equipment selection and set up.

Land Skills.

Water Skills.

Equipment pack down and maintenance.

Discover Wing Surfing Lesson Includes:

Use of the Wing Surfing equipment - Wing, Leash, Wing SUP Board, Helmet, Impact vest, Hydro Foil system.

Friendly and Fun instruction.

Learn as many skills as you can safely perform in the lesson time.

Kiteboard Instructor

John Arthur

John Arthur is San Diego’s only IKO & PASA certified kiteboading instructor. He founded Manta Water Sports, and started teaching kiteboarding in1999. He has maintained a 100% safety record the entire time. John has an undeniable passion for teaching than shows in all his lesson programs. His 17+ years of teaching experience are exemplified in all his lesson programs. John teaches beginner to advanced level kiteboard lessons all year and he knows how to get you to ride. Best of all, he continues to offer free training tips and advise to all his students, beyond their initial lesson.

Kiteboarding Basics
Kiteboarding Advanced
Kiteboard Equipment
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In this portion of the lesson, you will be introduced the the wing surfing equipment , set up and handling of the Wing, Wing SUP Foil Board, Hydrofoil System. Site selection and safer learning tips are coved.
In this portion of the lesson, you will learn to safely enter the water and use the board, wing and training foil to perform basic turns and travel using the wing. When you are skilled enough you will be introduced to methods for standing and traveling with the wing. When those skills are proficient, you will be introduced to riding out and back, developing your navigation, balance, walk arounds and wing skills further.
If you are proficient in the first 2 skill levels and have time available in the lesson, you will be introduced to the process used to develop extra power with the wing, and the various pumping techniques needed, to get up onto foil, riding foil and coming down from foil.

These skills can put you Way Ahead of other students with the same amount of training from other schools!


$ 199

PRIVATE Discover Wing Surfing LESSON

2-hour introductory DISCOVER WING SURFING lesson with 1 student


A Best Seller
Wing Surfing
Wing Foil
Wing Boarding
$ 149 each

SEMI-PRIVATE Discover Wing Surfing LESSON

2hr-semi private introductory DISCOVER WING SURFING class with 2 family or friends


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MANTA provides use of the following Wing Surfing equipment items during selected lesson programs:

Wing, Board, Hydrofoil Foil, and Training Foil - (included)

Helmet for water skills - (included)

Leashes for wing and board - (included)

Booties for water skills - (included)

Wetsuit  -  (for Rent:  $15 each)

Impact vest for water skills - (included)



Directions to the Training Sites

All lessons are held on Fiesta Island in Mission Bay, San Diego 92109.

Discover Wing Surfing lessons are located at the South West Corner of Enchanted Cove, on Fiesta Island.

Discover Kiteboarding lessons are located at the North West Corner of Enchanted Cove, on Fiesta Island.

Beyond Basics Kiteboard lessons are located at the South West Corner of Enchanted Cove, on Fiesta Island.