Buying Kiteboarding Equipment ?

Buy Smart, Get the Right Gear Now!

How to purchase Kiteboarding Gear


Before you Buy Kite Gear:

If you want to BUY right, on the first try …. Contact: John at Manta Water Sports, in San Diego, California.

  •     Be safer learning.
  •     Spend less money.
  •     Get the right gear for you.
  •     Learn much faster.
  •     Be happy with your gear purchase
  •     Enlighten others.

Let his experience guide you through the surest way to purchase gear and get the proper training to ensure your success and safety in this incredible sport.


Tips to buying the right gear, on the first try:

  1.    Don’t Rush in … its better to buy smart.
  2.    Take lessons before you buy gear.
  3.     Make sure you get the right size.
  4.     Make sure you get the right models of gear, to match your skills, goals and budget.
  5.     Avoid USED gear … 75% of buyers regret their purchase.
  6.     Buy NEW gear , if you can … the new stuff works way better and is more durable than ever before.
  7.     Do not buy gear that is missing parts or needs repairs,
  8.     You have to fly the kite, to get good with it.  Take a lesson, then practice with it a lot.
  9.     Know how to, and practice, activating the kites emergency de-power system.
  10.     Don’t let friends sell you their old gear … unless its been inspected by your instructor first.


Top Brands of 2016 Kiteboarding Equipment:

Liquid Force:  Solo , Envy, Wow

Cabrinha: Switchblade, FX, Contra

Naish: Pivot, Park, Ride, Alana, Fly

HQ: Rush V Pro