By johna

Kiteboarding Vacation in the Cook Islands


We just got back from a wonderful trip to the Cook Islands.  We arrived in Rarotonga for 3 days of adventure and kiteboarding. It is such and amazing place. Our hotel was perfectly located for multiple adventures. Snorkeling, SUP, Beach walk, Lagoon tour, Sunbath, Beverages, Kiteboarding, Sailing, island hiking and more. We hooked up with the local kite and water sports operator of the low down and guidance for kiteboarding on Rarotonga. They are wonderful people and they know their stuff.

The island was very clean and the visitors and the locals were so friendly … it makes you want to move there. Rarotonga is 2 thumbs up. We traveled around the island in the afternoon and evenings. Local island micro brewery has a wonderful selection of beers to taste and purchase. The island community is very hospitable and exhibits a young fresh attitude.

on the third day we took and Island hopper jet to the island of Aitutaka, aka: Honeymoon Island.  This has got to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. The islands ocean lagoon is breathtaking.  Words can not describe how beautiful it is.  The hotels we stayed in where beach bungalow style units, and they were wonderful and clean. The service was great and the atmosphere was relaxing. The food is wonderful and fresh with the island theme and plenty of fresh seafood.

The watersports operator we booked with, Quentin, took us under his guidance and made sure we had the time of our lives.   Snorkeling with giant clams, huge Napoleon fish and hundreds of reef fish filled the warm, clear, water, that is the playground of Aitutaki.  Kiteboarding is off the charts beautiful, with white sand below the crystal waters that are only waist deep for easy entry and riding. Flat water riding in paradise with a bbq on sight and a relaxation zone to shade yourselves between sessions.  When there is no wind , the watersports operator was quick to offer wakeboarding as the sport.

I will cut this short for now… Way to many good things to talk about.  Details to follow.

Cook Islands – Rarotonga and Aitutaki … Must Do this trip.

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By johnarthur

My harness is riding up !

Is your waist harness sliding up to your armpits?

Is your seat harness giving you crotch squeeze?

Providing your harness is actually the right size for you … the first thing you should look for, is your stance.

If you are standing tall while you fly a kite, your harness will always try to slide up.

We shouldn’t stand tall when we fly kites, we should try to relax back, and counter balance against the pull of the kite.

Fix that … and you will see the harness is not being pulled up your abdomen, its actually being pulled away from your abdomen.

Is your neck getting sore? Same thing … Don’t stand tall, relax back and your neck will not have to look up.

Are you falling foreword when the kite pulls?

Same thing … relax back



How do you Relax Back?
Hips Forward, Knees bent, shoulder blades back, slight back bend against your harness.



Give it a try.


John Arthur

By johnarthur

Skills to Practice

Time To Practice Kite Skills !

Now that the kite boarding season is fast approaching, It’s time to pull that gear out and develop the fundamental skills that maximize safety and success, and minimize on frustration and risk.

These skills can be practiced in much lighter wind than you think.  You can perform land practice with most kites in 5- 10mph winds.  Make sure you make good choices and practice in Slow winds,  with Soft terrain and plenty of Open Space and with Shoes and a Helmet.  

First Rule: Understand how your kites safetey system functions and make sure the control bar is designed to work with your kite.

Second Rule: Seek out and obtain professional, experienced instruction when ever possible.  or

  1.    Practice using the kites safety system to perform “Self Landings”
  2.    Practice various methods of  “Self Launch” that work for your kite.
  3.    Practice Flying your kite with one hand , then the other hand.
  4.    Practice Flying by Feel , rather than rely solely on Sight.
  5.    Practice Saving your kite from all falls or crashes.
  6.    Practice Walking cross wind while flying your kite.
  7.    Practice “Touch Downs” in launch/landing area with the kite.
  8.    Practice 3 methods of “Relaunching” your kite.


Some Common kiteboarding terms defined:

  •    Emergency De-power = Kill Kite = Intentionally Disable Flight
  •    Self Land = Kill kite without damage to kite or others and be re-launch ready if you desire.
  •    Self Launch = safely perform an Initial launch of your kite without the aid of others.
  •    Re-Launch = safely make kite take off after it has fallen or crashed.
  •    Take Off = When you intentionally permit a kite to fly.
  •    Touch Down = When kite is resting in the landing zone and bar is fully sheeted out.
  •    Landing = When you intentionally disable flight.
  •    Suicide Launch = When Flight is initiated aggressively or without control.
  •    Sheet Out = lower kites power by moving bar away or by shortening the front lines with a trim strap.
  •    Release Kite = Eject from the kite when all other safety options have failed and your life is in danger.
  •    Self Rescue = Getting back to shore with kite attached to you, but not actually flying.  (Swim, Tow, Sail, Drift, Etc.)




Remember:  The more skilled you are with your kite, the safer you can be and the quicker you will get good in this sport.