Your instincts are wrong !

Yes, it’s true. Your instincts are going to cause you frustration and safety issues when you learn to kiteboard.

Don’t worry, you just need to take lessons with Manta Wind & Water Sports.  We have spent the last 14 years perfecting our teaching program to ensure you know what those instincts are and what action you should practice to override the problems that plague novice kiteboarders.

Just follow us as we present new tips and tricks posts for anyone interested in getting better at kiteboarding and improving the safety of this critical period of learning.

Instinct #1

When we give a kite a turn command (steer it) , it moves … as it moves accross the sky, it pulls …. as it pulls , we instinctively pull back.

That’s the Problem Instinct.

Instinctively, we pull on the control bar with both hands when  the kite pulls us.  Instead, we need to steer the kite rather than fight the kite.

I suggest you practice steering your kite by pushing ONE hand towards the kite when you steer , rather than pull with both hands toward you when it pulls.

Learn to steer a powerful kite to a weaker part of the sky and hold it there. This will calm it down, using your ability to steer.

Steering a kite is how we control its power, direction, safety and support features.

Learn to steer it well , and you will learn quicker and safer than the average student.



John Arthur

IKO and PASA level 2 kiteboarding instructor for Manta Wind & Water Sports